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Year 10 Enterprise Challenge

The Year 10 careers programme saw students battled it out on Thursday and Friday to see which of them had the entrepreneurial skills to come out on top in our Enterprise Challenge. Students were each assigned a company role – engineer, MD, sales executive, marketing director – and worked as a team to create the […]

STEM Club – The Water Cycle and Climate Change

Over the last two sessions at STEM Club, we have had a guest host, Dr Liz Lewis, from the University of Manchester enthusing our students about the world of hydrology and the impacts of climate change. In the first week, students made a model representing different parts of the water cycle in a catchment zone, […]

Art Exhibition

Thank you to everyone who attended last night’s End of Year Art Exhibition.   It was so wonderful to see so many students, parents, grandparents, and staff come together to celebrate the success of our Year 11 & Year 13 art students.   Miss Grey, Mrs Kearney, Mrs Marneras   

Year 12 Politics Trip to Parliament & The Supreme Court

Our Year 12 politics students thoroughly enjoyed their trip to London, visiting the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court. During our tour of parliament, students impressed the tour guide with their knowledge of topics such as the Magna Carta and the nature of the UK’s uncodified constitution. The students were privileged enough to spend […]

Eco Committee Beach Clean to Formby

Last Thursday, nine students from our Eco Committee across Years 7 – 10 enjoyed a day of all weathers at Formby beach in Liverpool collecting litter. We started in the forest, keeping an eye out for the world-famous red squirrels, before heading to the extremely windy sand dunes. We were pleasantly surprised at how little […]

Year 9 STEM Olympics

In June, four of our Year 9 Scientists took part in a challenging STEM Olympics competition at the Grange School in Northwich. During the course of the day, students took part in five exciting activities across the STEM subjects, ranging from computing, to chemistry, to a whole rat dissection! We began the day tackling an […]

Year 8 International Slavery Museum Trip

On Thursday Year 8s visited the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool. They completed activities around artefacts and information to consolidate what they’ve learned this year about the transatlantic slave trade and its effects. The pupils were excellent representatives of the school and enjoyed the trip to the sweet shop on Albert Docks before they got […]

Year 7 Race to the Line Competition

Year 7 took part in the Race to the Line competition on Tuesday and Wednesday. They built and raced rocket propelled cars, they had to design their cars and make them as streamlined as possible to get the fastest time. There were some brilliantly creative designs and the fastest car travelled at an impressive 23 […]

Maths Event at AGGS

Last Friday, nine of our Year 9 students were invited to an AGGS (Altrincham Girls Grammar School) event where they took maths problem solving to a whole new level.  Along with three other schools, our students were faced with a diverse array of Maths problems – the extra difficulty being that none of the questions […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 5th July 2024

Project in A Day: Year 7  

On Monday, Year 7 completed one of twelve projects hosted by a multitude of staff. From Create your own Board Game, to Make Your Own Music Video, to a performance of The Lion King, and of course a Harry Potter-themed Potions Class. the pupils had an abundance of projects to choose from. There were a number of projects linked to Wellbeing and Mindfulness too: especially in the creative arts where Plant Pot Art and […]

Year 9 Boppard Visit

Forty Year 9s and 5 members of staff spent this week visiting the Rhineland. Despite some poor weather we all had a great time exploring this picturesque region.   Our group travelled overnight by ferry from Hull to Rotterdam. We visited Cologne and enjoyed a 360 degree view of the city, a guided tour of […]

Year 13 Soiree

Last Friday it was a bitter sweet afternoon spent at the lovely location of Bowdon Cricket Club.   It was our Year 13 soiree, a fond farewell to our Year 13 students after two fantastic years at Wellington 6th form.   It was a wonderful afternoon  reminiscing, talking of the future and many laughs. We had […]

Advanced Maths Support Programme at Manchester University

On Friday last week, eight of our Year 12 students attended an Advanced Maths Support Programme event at Manchester University.  The students attended workshops that showcased some of the diverse career opportunities available to students after studying a maths-rich undergraduate degree.    Topics ranged from predicting the weather using Markov chains, to generating Mathematical Friezes […]

Wellington Wanderers!

A huge well done to all the Welly Wanderers (Wellington staff) who walked 22 miles around Ullswater Lake last weekend 🙂. A great day was had by all and we have raised a massive £1372 for our charities- thank you to everyone who has donated. Mrs Taylor-Crooke          

Young Leader Work Experience

This week, 3 Year 10 pupils took part in Young Leader Work Experience with KPMG. Elizabeth Aston has written about the experience below. Well done to all 3 students who took part. Mr Little  On Tuesday and Wednesday this week Isabella, Cadence and I had the opportunity to take part in a young leader work […]

KS3 History – Refugee Week

The theme of this year’s Refugee Week is “Our Home” and students were asked to produce a piece of artwork that conveys the theme alongside Wellington’s value of community.   The fabulous poster was made by Mabel Bryce-Kisby in 8T.   Mr Murphy  

Hustings at Wellington

Thank you to everyone who attended our Hustings last week. The Altrincham and Sale West candidates went head to head on a number of important issues. You can read more about the event in this article in the Messenger. Mr Scott  

Film Studies Taster Session

Aspiring Film Studies pupils took part in a taster session this week, as well as an overview to the interesting films they will study pupils had a practical task to complete.   After gaining a brief insight into Foley sound they each took some everyday items and added sound effects to the brilliant horror film […]

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is back in the LRC until Thursday next week.   There is a wide range of fiction and non-fiction available, as well as stationery.  Cash and card payments are accepted; the more books we sell, the more free books for the LRC !   Parents are welcome to come and have […]

Science Books Donation

Earlier this year we were very lucky to be gifted a large number of  brand new books from the Chairman of the Manchester Branch of the Institute of Physics, Pierre Grace. The idea behind the donation is to encourage more students to read about Science in fiction as well as non-fiction books. Some or our […]

Holocaust Survivors Visit

On Tuesday, two Holocaust survivors came into School to speak to Year 12 pupils about their experiences of the Holocaust: Anne Super and Gisela Feldman. We’re very lucky to work closely with the Jewish Fed and, as a result of this, 8 Year 12 pupils have been selected to become Guardians of the stories of these 2 remarkable […]

English Reward Trip to Haworth – Wednesday 26th June 2024

This week the Pennine village where the famous Brontë sisters grew up was bathed in sun, and hosted 29 Wellington students, eager to learn more about the Bronte sisters, some of the most famous novelists in the world. It was a long drive from Timperley, but it was great to get up in the moors […]

Year 10 Boys Football – Trafford League and GMSC Winners

It’s been a superb year for our Year 10 team – finishing the season Trafford League Winners and Greater Manchester Cup Winners! Mr Tomlinson

Year 7 Girls Football – Trafford League Winners

Congratulations to the Year 7 Girls Football team who are Trafford League Winners this season! Mr Tomlinson

Year 9 Football – Trafford Cup Winners

Congratulations to the Year 9 Football Team who are Trafford Cup Winners this season. Mr Tomlinson  

Warhammer Club

This week the keenest budding generals have continued to earn themselves points in the summer league. Using the One Page Rules system, students have developed a keen grasp of the fundamentals and have managed themselves with professional aplomb in the after-school sessions. The points have been laboriously added up, checked, and typed into a rather […]

Year 10 Mathemagic Event

On Monday, eight of our Year 10 students attended a Mathemagic event at the University of Manchester.    The day was packed with activities ranging from the maths behind tricks, to investigating the properties of Moebius strips.  There was a riveting talk by the renowned maths communicator, Colin Wright, who wowed us with his amazing […]

Leon Hallmark 8SBR

Congratulations to Leon – his Hockey team (the North West A team) came fifth out of the UK in the national championships last weekend.   Well done to Leon and the team on this fantastic achievement.   Mrs Thomson      

Daisy Gellatly 8SBR

Congratulations to Daisy who has qualified for the British Solo Championships (U13) having competed at 3 qualifiers this year (as well as competing in the Netherlands over Easter as part of a small GBR solo dance team). She has qualified in 14th place out of 32 skaters who competed which is a great achievement for […]

Year 10 Media Studies

Year 10 took part in a practice photoshoot in preparation for their NEA where they have to create a music magazine. A fantastic afternoon and a big thank you to our ‘girl band’ who modelled for the photos: Ruby Knopf, Ruby Smith, Beth Field and Libby Wakes! Mrs Fletcher    

Sports Awards Dinner

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Sports Awards Dinner last week and congratulations to all our winners! Those who were not able to attend the dinner received their awards in school this week.

Greater Manchester Athletics Champions!

We had a fantastic day out yesterday at the Sale Harriers open competition hosted at Sportcity.   The Year 8/9 pupils competed against 14 other schools from across Greater Manchester in a range of indoor athletics events; 60M, 200M, 800M and high jump to name a few. Both Girls & Boys team performed brilliantly, with […]

Year 11 Football

Year 11 played their last match in Wellington colours on Wednesday night, and they could not have done anymore for the badge- I am so proud of them! It was the final of the Greater Manchester competition being played out in Lower Broughton versus local rivals Ashton on Mersey. We knew we were coming up […]

Year 12 Geography Trip

This week Miss Baker and I took the Year 12 geographers to the Lake District for three days to learn how to collect geographical data for their NEA. On the first day we went to Keswick, a major centre for tourism in the Lakes. Here the students learnt how to measure the urban environment. Miss […]

7F German Cultural Projects

I have been really impressed with the independent research and presentation skills of 7F. They have really worked hard to produce some super projects over the last few weeks. I have enjoyed reading them all and have even learnt some new facts about the different towns and regions they have researched in the different German speaking countries. […]

Year 12 French

Our Year 12 French students are beginning to prepare for their IRP (Individual Research Project) which forms part of their A-Level speaking exam. To practise their skills, they were given a homework task to research the ‘3 Ms’ (Montaigne, Montesquieu and Mauriac) and produce a 2 minute-presentation on their findings. They all delivered these on […]

Healthy Eating Week 2024

This week is the British Nutrition Foundations Healthy Eating Week Monday 10th – Friday 14th June. This year’s challenges have been to:  Get at least 5 A DAY Stay hydrated Move more Focus on fibre Reduce food waste At Wellington School we have been trying to get at least 5 a Day and focusing on […]


It has been announced that we came third in the Secondary School Dodgeball School of the Year competition – we have been awarded some equipment, so thankyou to everyone for their votes.   This week we have also been helping out providing officials at the North West Regional Primary Schools Dodgeball tournament.  Several students, some […]

Year 9 Science & Technology Challenge Day, University of Manchester

On Tuesday, 12 of our best Year 9 Scientists took part in a series of challenging activities held at the School of Computer Sciences at the University of Manchester. The students worked in mixed groups with other schools from across Greater Manchester to carry out tasks exploring different parts of STEM, including building and racing […]

Warhammer Club

Dice were once again rolling in competitive gaming at Wellington. Luka Taylor and Jacob Somerville brought the might of the Imperium against itself. Space Marines and Imperial Guard clearly has some disagreement over how a sector should be managed and the typically 41st millennia approach was to settle things through strength of arms. The two […]


Haydn Royle from Language-Link visited us this week with hoodies for the pupils participating in the link this year and plants to display on the MFL corridor.    Over recent years, Wellington School has participated in a language link with pupils from Spain. Whilst this isn’t an exchange; pupils have the opportunity to have a […]

European Literature Society: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë

We’ve been reading the second half of Anne Brontë’s ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’, before heading to Haworth Parsonage on a School Trip; we’ll see where Anne grew up with her sisters – two other famous authors Emily and Charlotte. And we’ll hope to come to understand what drove Anne to write a novel that […]

#Beewell Manchester University Young researcher programme

I am super excited that 5 of our Year 10 Psychology and/or Statistics students, Oliver Freer, Aiza Iqbal, Joshua Salt, Rose Selwood-Metcalfe and Jodie Stevenson were lucky enough to be involved with this once in a lifetime research programme at such a young age (this is our second year of being involved).   #BeeWell is a […]

Science Club 05/06/24

We have had some fun this week looking at the Science behind Static Electricity. Our keen scientists seemed to know lots about charges and the movement of charges, aren’t they a clever bunch?! We carried out various activities using balloons to transfer electrons from a blanket and show repulsion of like charged materials. The star […]

Year 7 Cultural Projects

Year 7 students have been working hard on their cultural projects over the last few weeks, and this week has seen the culmination of their efforts as they have been handing in their work. MFL staff  have been absolutely blown away with the quality of the projects this year and the level of creativity is […]

Good Luck

A big GOOD LUCK to our athletes competing in the Greater Manchester Track and Field championships on Saturday at Longford Park. Cerys Smith in 200M, Jess Wilkins in hammer, Clara Edwards in 200M and Emily Bushnell in 100M. Sending positive vibes to you all!!! Go and smash it. So proud of you all! 🙂  Miss […]

Portico Library Writing Competition

Here are just a few of our students who entered the Portico Library writing competition. We didn’t have any winners this time, but all the students who submitted an entry received a notebook. 10H and 10T entered whole class sets which is to be commended. Well done to all! Mrs McDonnell

Jensen Clarke 8SHG

Jensen has had a very busy half term in 3 different sport disciplines – Acrobatics, Trampoline and Double Mini. The first weekend he competed at the Acrobatics British Championships in Stoke with his partner and came away with a fantastic silver medal.   The 2nd weekend he competed at the qualifiers for the National League Trampoline […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 24th May 2024

Farewell Year 13

On Thursday, we said a fond farewell to our wonderful  Year 13 students, the vast majority of whom have been at Wellington for 7 years so it really is the end of an era! And for those who were new to our Sixth Form 2 years ago, it feels like they’ve always been a part […]

Year 10 – Portioning a Chicken

Well done to year 10 who this week have worked in groups to learn how to portion a whole chicken. As part of the Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE, pupils are required to demonstrate a number of high level practical skills.  One of these higher level skills is portioning/jointing a whole chicken.  This can be […]

Inspired Reading Projects

8F amazed me with the quality of their creative projects this week, which were based on books they have been reading. There were songs, chapters, dioramas, mini films and stop-motion productions, all encapsulating the spirit of the students’ varied fiction and non-fiction reading choices.    Jasmine Hallett, Ava Cockayne, Carys Morrow and Alex Cojeen produced […]

Year 10 Geography Fieldwork Trip

The students had a good time yesterday collecting physical fieldwork data in the Lake District. They learnt how to use equipment to measure the velocity, depth and width of the beck at several points along its course. As we walked from the centre to the beck, it was great to hear students identifying landforms they […]

A Fond Farewell to our lovely Lang/Lit students!

Today marks the first of the Language & Literature exams for our Year 13 A Level students.    Here they all (mostly) are: still smiling after two years of variously working hard; handing in hundreds of essays; humming and singing; hemming and hawing over their NEAs; converting us into Swifties; coming to extra sessions; coming […]

Junior UKMT Challenge

A great set of results were achieved in the recent Junior UKMT Challenge.  There were 5 Gold, 22 silver and 28 bronze certificates awarded to our Year 7’s and 8’s.  Congratulations to all those who took part and an extra well done to Ruby W, Leo C and Adrian L who have qualified for the […]

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award

We are delighted to congratulate 2 of our Year 13 students on achieving their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award! Tilly D and Erin C completed Volunteering for 12 months, Physical and Skills development  – one section for 12 months and the other for 6 months, an Expedition of 4 days and 3 nights and a […]

A level German

Today we said ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to our Year 13s and Laura, our German Language Assistant.   We are so proud of their language learning journey and thrilled that most of them are going to continue their German studies at University alongside other subjects. Laura has been a valuable member of the team, working with the […]

European Literature Society: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë

As well as eating the greatest Victoria sponge cake ever made (thank you Maggie), we discussed this week how we felt about the novel’s protagonist – a man called Gilbert Markham, who was written by a woman (Anne Bronte), under a man’s name (Acton Bell), telling the story of a woman – the mysterious Helen […]

National Dodgeball Secondary School of 2024

Please vote for Wellington!   We have been shortlisted for the National Dodgeball Secondary School of 2024 and could win some extra dodgeball equipment if we win.    50% of the decision on who wins is down to votes.  If you could spare just a few minutes of your time to vote for us, we would […]

Ellen Thomas-Anderson Year 10

We would like to say a massive Well Done to Ellen Thomas-Anderson (Year 10)  who after an audition process was accepted into the National Youth Theatre! An amazing opportunity and we are so proud of you! Miss Pusey

Pickering Lodge Park

The Friends of Pickering Lodge Park are fundraising for benches. So far they have raised £400 with their Go Fund me page and a car boot sale. The next event is a plant/cake/sweet sale in the park on 24th May – all welcome.

Science Club 01/05/24

Our clever young Scientists have been building bridges this week! Not with each other – they are all the best of friends! We set them an engineering challenge where they had to design and build a bridge 45cm long and a minimum of 5cm wide, made of 20 sticks and paper. The bridges were judged […]

Crochet Club with Mrs Soldiew

Congratulations to Coral who has completed her very first project. Coral has made an octopus for her cat and kitten.   The crochet club are currently working on individual projects as well as starting an individual granny square to form a collective blanket for Peggy Hendersons animal charity.   The group have been busy creating […]

German Lessons in the Hive

“Wie ist das Wetter heute?”   Students in the Hive have been enjoying learning how to talk about the weather in their German lessons. This week they have made some beautiful mobiles to display their new terms. I think we have witnessed most of these weather conditions in the last couple of weeks!   Mrs […]


The Year 8 Dodgeball team this week continue to train towards the National Finals in July by playing a coached game against some older students.  It was a tough test for the Year 8 team playing against much stronger students, but they persevered and showed significant improvement by the end of the game – well […]

Hockey Success!

Thought we should celebrate this achievement from our local club and also 4 of our own!   Isla Dugdale-Reed, Grace Edge, Emily Girdlestone and Orla Mawby took part in the England Hockey U14 Tier 2 plate final on Sunday. After a nail-biting last few minutes the Timperley Hockey Club U14 girls team came out on […]

Tesco Community Grants

As you may be aware we were fortunate enough to receive some funding through a Tesco Community grant, which has been used to fund a cooking club with some Year 8 & 9 pupils. Thank you to all those who voted for us. I would now like to ask for your help again, but this […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 26th April 2024

Year 11 Rugby

Well done to the Year 11 Rugby team who finished their season with an impressive, 30-20 win Vs BTH. A great way to end their rugby season with a brilliant team performance. Mr Roberts

Altrincham Interfaith Group – Climate Change – What can People of Faith do?

Last Thursday evening we hosted an event for the Altrincham Interfaith Group on the subject of ‘Climate Change – What can people of faith do?’    The evening was a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate the success of our recent Solar PV project delivered with Greater Manchester Community Renewables. We heard from members of […]

One Education Gold Reading Award

We are delighted to have our dedicated approach to the School’s Reading Culture rewarded by achieving the One Education Gold Reading Award. The Award recognises the efforts of all stakeholders from staff, to pupils, and to parents/carers.   As acknowledged by One Education, ‘This accreditation is testament to your hard work in making Reading a […]

PE Extra-Curricular Results

ABRSM Examinations

Congratulations to all 17 students ranging from Year 7 to 11 who completed their ABRSM Practical Grades on Monday. The results were returned very quickly and I’m very pleased to announce that all our students successfully passed, with a number of those students receiving a Merit or Distinction. The practical grades not only test the […]

Maths Merseyside Challenge

The Merseyside Challenge winner has been announced.   Congratulations to Carys who won Best in School and has been awarded a certificate of merit by the University of Liverpool.   Carys has been invited to a presentation evening at the University, in May, where she will receive her certificate and participate in a roadshow of Mathematical […]

Eid Celebration

This event just gets bigger and better!   Over 150 guests attended this year and £1053 was raised for the Zakat fundraiser, so we can purchase a water pump in Ghana through the wonderful charity Human Relief Foundation.   A huge thank you to Zainab Ali in Year 12 for her organisation and contacts and […]

European Literature Society: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë

The next novel to be read in the Reading Group is the second and final novel written by English author Anne Brontë; ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ was published in 1848 under the pseudonym Acton Bell. It is considered to be the most shocking of the Brontës’ novels, and it had instant and phenomenal success […]

Shakespeare Schools Festival

We were delighted to receive this fantastic feedback following our performance at the Shakespeare Schools Festival in March. Well done to everyone who took part. Miss Pusey    

SEND Coffee Morning

We are pleased to have welcomed 20 parents to our first SEND coffee morning. The coffee morning was to launch our SEND parent working party. This is going to be led by Hayley Aston, one of our parents who has a passion for helping us drive SEND forward in the school by collaborating with parents.  […]

Year 7 Football

Year 7 beat Chorlton high school 5-0 in the quarter final of the Greater Manchester plate last night. The overall team performance was one of the best I have seen. We played on a 4g so it allowed us to play some slick, possession based football. A clean sheet and 5 goals from the lads […]

Mr Ashfield with the Halle Choir at the Birmingham Symphony Hall

I was fortunate enough to travel down to Birmingham’s Symphony Hall last weekend as part of a performance of The Damnation of Faust! The first piece ever performed by the CBSO Chorus 50 years ago, it tells the tale of a disenchanted Faust who falls into a deal with the devil, with the ultimate price […]

Magic: The Gathering Club

This week saw two new starters in our small Magic: The Gathering Club – Poppy Curwen and Charlie Green. Poppy has planned to try out a range of new clubs  – well done for joining us Poppy, new things can be intimidating! Charlie is a regular at Warhammer Club and it is great that he […]

Civvy to Commando Presentation

On Tuesday this week, Year 11 and 12 students were privileged to attend a presentation delivered by the ‘Civvy to Commando’ Company. The presenter was an ex-student, David Coleman, who has served as a Commando in the Royal Marines. David has served in Afghanistan where he was injured in a grenade blast on a company […]

Warhammer Club

Warhammer Club remained busy in on Thursday lunchtimes right up to the end of term! Students have been working on a variety of their own projects, and some have even moved onto making scenery pieces for the club to use in our wargaming terrain!  Here is a quick wrap-up of what was going on:    […]

Year 7 Football

We beat Broadoak 9-1 away from home last night. With a much-changed team, it gives others a chance to excel in the Wellington shirt and they did just that! There were notable performances all over the pitch, including captain for the day Jude Broadway, but the Man of the Match award went to Colin Ng. […]

Shakespeare Schools Festival – 19th March

The Drama department had a busy few weeks leading up to the Easter holidays, rehearsing and preparing for the Shakespeare Schools Festival performance which took place on the 19th of March at the Contact theatre in Manchester. Miss Pusey, Mrs Simpson, Mrs Richardson, and I, along with over 20 pupils from Year 7, 8 and […]

Reuben (10ESD) and Jensen Clarke (8SHG)

We were delighted to hear what the very hard working Reuben and Jensen Clarke had been up to over the holidays, Jensen competed at his first ever big Trampoline and Double Mini National League competition at Birmingham University – he only started this discipline 8months ago (in addition to acrobatics) and won a silver medal […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 22nd March 2024

Year 10 Practice Interviews

As a part of our Key Stage 4 careers programme, 257 Year 10 students took part in a practice interview this week. We welcomed 43 volunteers from businesses and industry who put our students through their paces. This was the culmination of several weeks preparation which included the completion of an application form and workshops […]

State Schools U14 Girls Hockey

A huge well done to the Year 7, 8 and 9 girls who took part in this North West event on Thursday. We played teams with varying levels of experience and whilst the order of play was rather unkind to us, (3 matches then 2 matches back to back) the girls were fantastic until the […]

PE Extra-Curricular


Easter Concert

Thank you to all the students who participated in our Easter Concert on Thursday. It was a lovely evening that included items from our established extra curricular groups as well as the Brass Ensemble’s second outing. It also featured a number of solo performances by our vocal, strings, piano, brass and woodwind students who are […]

7R French

7R have been learning how to describe themselves recently and have used their reading and listening skills to design some paper people and then put their own speaking and writing skills into practice by describing themselves. Mrs Ramsumair  

Design a Book Token

Hot on the heels of World Book Day came the opportunity to design a book token in English lessons, a prestigious competition sponsored by National Book Tokens. The overall winner will see their design printed on real book tokens which will then be sold nationwide.    The standard of entries this year was very impressive, […]

Pi Day

We all celebrated Pi day (14th March) with lots of different activities through the day. In form time, students were challenged with a pi day connecting wall (produced by our very own Maths club), which you can try here:    Year 7, 8 and 9 were tasked with finding digits of pi throughout the day that […]

Ramadan in Germany

This week, Year 7 German classes have learnt about Ramadan celebrations in Germany with our trainee teacher, Mrs Idrees. They learned about the origins and customs of the festival, watched a video in German about one young man’s life in Hamburg, and designed their own mosques. Students’ knowledge of Islam and Ramadan, and their interest  […]

Year 7 German

The Year 7 students in the Hive have been learning about Easter in Germany this week. They were interested to hear about the Easter tradition of painting real eggs and hanging them on an ‘Osterstrauch’ (Easter branch) The have coloured in their own Ostereier and have hung them in the quad garden where they are […]

TT Rockstars

Last week a staggering 276343 questions were answered correctly in the Wellington TT Rockstars tournament . . . 14% of them from two students alone!   I am pleased to announce the winners of the TT Rockstars form competition are:     Congratulations! With a fantastic median average of 851, it took a brilliant group [...]

Hockey News

Congratulations to the Wellington girls who represented Timperley Hockey Club at the weekend getting the U16 and U14 teams into the England Hockey finals! I was lucky to be able to witness the U14s win on nail-biting shuffles and even brought my own children down to watch. It was great to see the Wellington girls […]

U13 Boys Hockey

Tuesday saw the final Trafford Tournament of the season for our U13 team.  Our GK was unwell on the day so we thank Evie Kilgariff from Year 7 for stepping in at late notice. The team were in the second division of the tournament playing against the less experienced teams like themselves.  The team grew […]

Year 7/8 Girls Football

Well done to our Year 7/8 girls football team who beat BTH 3-1 in the semi final of the GMCSFA Competition!   A fantastic game which saw our girls lead 2-0 at half time, going on to win 3-1. Goals from McLeod (2) and Horner (1) with Horner receiving GOG from the other team.    […]

Year 7 Chester Zoo Trip

Last Friday, 212 year 7 pupils went to Chester Zoo to link in with the next Biology topic of Ecosystems as well as to celebrate British Science Week. We arrived at the Zoo on 5 coaches and 1 minibus and were lucky that the weather held out for us! The animals were very active on […]

Year 8 Hockey Tournament

The Year 8 girls played their final event of the season together on Wednesday evening at Timperley Hockey Club. They displayed some superb attacking skills, with Isla sprinting down the left wing and Emma driving up the right hand side. Captain Orla took charge of the midfield and Grace and Martha stole the ball numerous […]

Hockey Umpires

There have been 9 hockey events over the course of this year which have been proudly supported by a number of Year 8, 10 and 12 hockey umpires. Almost every event has been attended by those pictured who have umpired countless hours and given up their time freely. Their time has been greatly appreciated by […]

Year 10 History Trip

On Wednesday 13th March, the History Department took 38 Year 10 pupils to London to learn all about the development of Medicine. We visited the Science Museum, the Alexander Fleming Museum, the Old Operating Theatre and had a Jack the Ripper walking tour of London’s East End. We even managed to squash in a visit to Honest […]

Year 10 – GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

This week has seen another amazing practical with the year 10 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition group. On Tuesday, pupils were given the challenging task of making flaky pastry. This pastry is very time consuming as it involves dabbing on the fat and folding the dough a number of times to create the layers. In […]

Maths Club

Last week, members of the Maths Club were getting all tied up making Mobius Loops.  The standard Mobius Loop consists of one twist which forms a loop with a continuous single sided surface.  These are easy to make so we decided to work in groups and use multiple twists.  Very soon things got ‘out of […]

U14 Mixed Hockey

The U14 mixed hockey team had their last outing of the season on Wednesday in the Trafford Tournament at Timperley Hockey Club.  After two 0-0 draws against Sale Grammar and Knutsford, they went onto beat St Bedes 3-0 – with goals from Ben Prince, Ben Langridge and Lily Boucher.  This win put the team into […]

Year 11 Football

What a game!!   We played Co-op Academy Walkden away for the second time this year. Earlier in the year they had beaten us 7-5 to knock us out of the Greater Manchester cup in a game we were leading 3-0! We changed our tactics after knowing how they played and went looking for retribution. […]

Mikey Bailey Year 9 – Young Dodgeball Leader

The British Dodgeball Association have written this lovely article about Mikey Bailey (9SCR) who helps to coach our Dodgeball teams. Thanks for all you do Mikey! Miss Challinor   Mikey Bailey: The Young Leader from Wellington School  

The Great Tommy Sleep Out

Good luck to our Network Manager, Tim Brown, who is taking part in The Great Tommy Sleep Out to raise vital funds to give homeless veterans a safe place to call home. He will be sleeping out in an Army Basha in Edale tonight and looking to raise as much as he can! The Challenge […]

European Literature Society

13th March 2024 The ‘European Literature Society’ have finished reading the infamous novella ‘Death in Venice’ by Thomas Mann. The death in the title was always hanging over this book, and when it came, it raised as many questions as it answered. We wondered at whether we should feel any sympathy for the aging protagonist […]

The Addams Family – Altrincham Little Theatre

We were delighted to hear from former student Sam Henshall who is now at Loreto College in Manchester, studying Drama, Film Studies and Graphic Communication.   He is performing in three shows this coming year : The Addams Family Musical,  Little Women and has just landed the part of Curly in Oklahoma at Urmston Musical Theatre […]

World Book Day

Wellington staff, once again, threw themselves enthusiastically into the spirit of World Book Day 2024,  as you can see from the variety of weird and wonderful costumes and much to the amusement of the pupils!      The Harry Potters certainly had their work cut out with all the Dementors around.    Well done to […]

Sixth Form World Book Day!

Lots of ‘World Book Day’ celebrations in Sixth Form too! We were grateful to 3 of our Year 12 students (Megan, Charlotte and Zainab) who created a fun but challenging literary quiz to test our tutor groups. Congratulations to 13AGR who were crowned winners. In the run up to the day, Sixth Formers and staff were asked […]

Portuguese Language and Culture Sessions

Nick Cunliffe, from the University of Manchester, has been in school over the past few weeks delivering a series of Portuguese Culture and Language Taster sessions to our students. Nick spent last year living in São Paulo in Brazil and as well as teaching the student’s Portuguese he has been sharing some insights into his […]

Year 10 Barcelona Trip

35 excited pupils met at Manchester airport at an extremely unsocial hour on Monday morning, suitcases packed and ready to embark on an adventure in a bustling Barcelona. First stop on arrival was the beach!  Even being in Barcelona doesn’t mean Year 10 pupils can avoid an early morning get up for school, straight after […]

Year 7 Hockey

The final Trafford Hockey event of the calendar took place on Wednesday with the girls and boys team being placed in separate pools they did not have to play each other! Both teams started really well and even with longer games, the goals were not very forthcoming. Both teams found the back of the net […]

PE Extra-Curricular Results


ArtsMark Gold

We are delighted to have been awarded the Gold ArtsMark award by the British Arts Council! A real credit to our Arts departments and the School Community as a whole!  The panel has made the following comment about our submission: ‘You have used this Artsmark journey to maintain and develop new partnerships to support you […]

Dodgeball Regional Championships

Congratulations to the U13 Dodgeball teams who competed in the Regional Championships at Eccles Sixth Form College on Tuesday.     The A team gave us a scare to start the day with a loss to Trinity Boys but then went onto dominate the group with 10-0 victories over Rainford, Wright Robinson, Cowley and Little Lever, to […]

UKMT Challenge

Congratulations to the Year 9’s and 10’s who sat the United Kingdom Mathematical Trust challenge on Wednesday 31st January.  The results are back and the success of our students was impressive.  There were lots of certificates to hand out including 35 Bronze awards, Silver awards going to Kimi C, Alex E, Isobel P, George L, Diganth R, […]

Year 10 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday Year 10 attended an assembly to recognise the hard work put in over the last 12 months, by our Bronze award winners. Last year saw the largest number of Duke of Edinburgh award participants that Wellington School has ever seen; A total of 171 students participated in the scheme! The journey started in […]

U13 Boys Hockey

Congratulations to the U13 Boys Hockey Team who played in the Cheshire County Championship at Birkenhead school this week. We came second in the group stages. getting through to the semis against a strong St Bedes side, where we went down 2-1, having hit the bar and the post!  However, the boys picked themselves up for […]

Animal Farm: English Theatre Trip

Last Friday, the English Department took 47 students, from across a range of year groups, to see a dynamic adaptation of Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm” at the Octagon Theatre in Bolton.    Students were, without exception, impeccably behaved and thoroughly engaged in the performance, discussing thoughtfully what happened. It was a really, really positive experience […]

Solar Panel Installation Complete

We are delighted that our Solar Panel Installation was completed over half term. Thank you to Greater Manchester Community Renewables (GMCR) for raising the funds for these panels and to everyone who has invested in the scheme.  We will be hosting an evening event to celebrate the project on 18th April – further details […]

CAFT Easter Egg Appeal 2024

We are delighted to be helping The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust with this year’s Easter Egg appeal. CAFT run an Easter programme during which they provide Easter-themed day visits to CAFT for over 2,000 children and every child is treated to a chocolate egg to take home. Please drop off any donations with your Pastoral […]

Year 7 Football

The Year 7 boys football team beat East Manchester Academy 6-2 last night at their place in the Greater Manchester competition. We haven’t played in a few weeks and therefore in the first 10 minutes we were a bit rusty. We ended up going down 2-1 before we woke up and started playing some really […]

Trafford Thrive School

We are delighted that we are now a Trafford Thrive School!   The Trafford Thrive team are offering support for children and young people experiencing mental health issues.   Please see poster and Thrive helpline number.   Mrs Taylor-Crooke    

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 23rd February 2024

Sponsored Walk 2024


Gardening Club

Wellington’s newly rebranded Gardening Club (formerly Grow Your Own Club) have had a very busy half term keeping the Science Department plants alive and healthy – kicking off with a very kind donation from Scott from the Canteen and his parents. Amongst the donation were two extremely beautiful Christmas Cacti, a wonderful Jade Tree (also […]

Year 7 Residential Trip

This week, we took our Year 7 students away to the Conwy Centre in Anglesey for the first time in Wellington history.  The Year 7 students were amazing, impressing both our staff but more importantly the centre staff. “On time, respectful and uber resilient” was a comment on the final day. The students did a […]

European Literature Society – Death in Venice by Thomas Mann

21st February The ‘European Literature Society’ have been reading ‘Death in Venice’ by Thomas Mann. And there was a great discussion with tea and coffee and red-velvet cup-cakes. The students were fascinated by what was going on in this very odd tale of an aging author – Gustav Aschenbach – arriving in Venice at the start […]

Lunar New Year Musical Celebrations

A huge thank you to all our musicians who helped celebrate the Lunar New Year at the end of last term. We had the largest number of students volunteering to provide the musical entertainment for the evening and they did not disappoint. The performances ranged from piano solos, electric guitar solos in a number of […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 9th February 2024


Year 7/8 Scholars

On Wednesday our Scholars visited Manchester University for their graduation event following their Philosophical study into “Why are we here”.   The students have worked extremely hard to understand different philosophical, scientific and religious ideologies in order to answer the question from different perspectives.   The university visit was brilliant. The students were amazed at […]

Warhammer Club

Warhammer Club has maintained its busy streak over the last fortnight, particularly bolstered by the regular appearances of Jacob Somerville and Luka Taylor as they make progress towards their Bronze DofE. There were no games this week because Mr Ashfield unfortunately needed to leave school early but there were a pair of cracking games fought […]

Hive Bird Feeders

The Year 7 students have been working really hard in the Hive this morning completing their bird feeders for the Hive garden.   It has been really wonderful watching the pupils have such care and thought about the wildlife that we have around us, and spending their horticulture sessions ensuring that the birds are fed […]

PE Extra-Curricular Results


Year 10 Netball

This week the 10B team, made up of the original team and some new players who have stood out in GCSE PE lessons, played a netball friendly at home against local rivals Loreto. The whole team worked extremely hard throughout, without any subs and managed to take a strong lead to finish the game with […]

Hive Artwork

Hive and Hub students have worked together to create a wonderful piece of artwork for the sensory room as part of Children’s Mental Health Week. Thank you to all the students who contributed!  Miss Wilkins 

Hockey News

This week we took the U16 boys hockey team to compete in a North West event at Timperley Hockey Club.   Our team consists mainly of Year 10 boys so we knew it would be a good challenge. Alex Riley and Will Binns from Year 11 came along to play after their mock exam. We […]

Children’s Mental Health Week – 5th – 9th February 2024

Well, what a fabulous week this has been. Students had a tutor takeover assembly focussed around mental health from Place2Be and have hopefully listened to the presentation from Kooth sent out via Classcharts. Staff have hosted numerous lunchtime activities promoting wellbeing from mindfulness colouring, crafting and meditation, to board games and a natter and gardening.  […]

Business Studies Year 12 London Trip 

This week our Year 12 Business students visited London as part of the department’s enrichment programme.  The highlight of the first day was a visit to the Museum of Brands to investigate the importance of branding and packaging. The students took a journey through the history of branding, before redesigning the packaging for a number […]

GCSE Design & Technology (Textiles) Taster Lesson

At the GCSE Design & Technology (Textiles) taster lesson Year 9 students worked collaboratively as a design team to create and model their design and making skills to create a toile (a prototype garment) from recycled paper. Students were tasked to create a design for a high profile event or occasion and took inspiration from historical […]

U13 Girls Hockey

The U13 hockey girls took part in the Greater Manchester county tournament on Thursday. With plenty of anticipation the tournament started well. They played Stockport Grammar, AGGS and Withington in their pool and won one, drew one and lost one. We came third due to goal difference, frustratingly but then faced Cheadle Hulme School. We […]

Good Luck in the Greater Manchester Cross Country Championships

GOOD LUCK to Alesha Gubas-Hertzog, Elise Broderick, Ned Farncombe and Anna Taylor competing tomorrow in the Greater Manchester Cross Country Championships at Heaton Park.   This is a massive achievement to represent Trafford alone, you have all done so well in getting through to the championships.   Good luck and most of all, enjoy it!! […]

European Literature Society

The next book being read by the ‘European Literature Society’ will be ‘Death in Venice’ by Thomas Mann. Published in 1911, when the world was ‘silently spinning into an abyss of death and destruction’ of The Great War. We read the opening this week, and were struck by how very odd this book is. The […]

EAL Quality Mark Gold Award

Last week we were delighted to announce that Wellington School has been awarded the ‘Gold Award’ by the EAL Quality Mark. They have updated their website to congratulate us on our award – you can click on the link below to read all about it! Miss Hitchens

GCSE Music Taster Session

It was an absolute delight to work with some of our Year 9 students during the GCSE Music taster session on Monday. The GCSE is made up of 3 components: performing, composing and listening and appraising. We spent our 1 hour session looking at song writing and the elements needed to create an effective song […]

Trafford Music Service – Free Clarinet Lesson

Trafford Music Service have a free opportunity for children Year 7 upwards to be inspired to learn the clarinet at their music centre in Sale! More information can be found on the flyer below, including the times that these will take place (Tuesday 30th January and Tuesday 6th February) and how to book a place via EventBrite. Mrs […]

Holocaust Memorial Day

Saturday 27th January 2024 is Holocaust Memorial Day. 27th January marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp. Every year, we promote and support Holocaust Memorial Day – the international day to remember the six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust, alongside the millions of other people killed under Nazi persecution of other groups and […]

Year 7 Football Competition

Year 7 boys completed a football competition on Wednesday at The Cliff training ground.   We came 4th on the day and the lads demonstrated a fantastic attitude throughout against some very tough, and at times quite physical teams.   There were outstanding displays all over the pitch but a special mention to Harry Ormerod […]

Year 7 and 8 Girls Hockey

The Year 7 and 8 Girls Hockey teams played Lymm on Thursday evening. We played a small tournament and all had a great evening of hockey. New recruit Emma Sutcliffe scored a hat-trick and Evie and Ava made plenty of amazing saves in goal. Well done to everyone who took part! Miss Richards    

Science Lectures

On Thursday this week the Science department took 30 Year 10 triple Scientists to the Opera House for a series of Science lectures.  Dr. Anna Ploszajski regaled us with her story of her epic swim across the English Channel and how Material science played an important part in her achievement; Dr Kate Lancaster inspired us […]

EAL Quality Mark Gold Award School

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Wellington School has been awarded the ‘Gold Award’ by the EAL Quality Mark. The praise was extensive and our commitment to teaching and learning that is EAL-friendly was championed as well the commitment of senior and middle leaders to ensuring that the academic and social experience of pupils […]

Trafford’s Holocaust Memorial Event

Year 9 students represented the school beautifully on Thursday at Trafford’s Holocaust Memorial event.   They displayed their art pieces and delivered a speech on Boltanski, his influence and how they used his work as a reference point for their pieces. They were phenomenal!   Mr Gleave                

Alexander Edwards 9SCP

Congratulations to Alexander Edwards (9SCP) who represented Wellington School on Saturday when he competed in the North Regional Schools Biathlon at Edge Hill University.  He achieved 2nd place and is waiting to find out if he qualified for the National Final to be held in April.  Well done Alex! Mrs Hill  

Warhammer Club

Warhammer Club managed to get straight back into the swing of things this year with two consecutive Friday Battle Hours and a busy club on Thursday lunchtimes!  Luka Taylor has chosen to work on his miniature painting as a key Skill towards his Bronze DofE badge this year. He has started on the very ugly […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 19th January 2024

Year 8 Leadership Programme

We had the next stage of our Leadership programme with Rachel from ‘The Natural Leader’.   The students were analysing communication skills. The session was brilliant analysing an important life skill. Students looked at body language, pitch, connecting, receiving and pausing. Most importantly they analysed the listening levels required.    Mr Tomlinson  

‘Perform’ in English

It was fantastic to have 60 Year 11 students signing-up for – and attending – revision sessions for English Literature and English Language this week!   Mr Ahern and myself were impressed by the turn-out, but also by the mature and focused attitude of those who came along to look at Language Paper 2 and […]

Young Artist Competition

Well done to our Year 12 Art students who have all entered a piece of Art work for this Year’s ‘Young Artist Competition’.   This year’s theme is ‘Rebuilding’. Our students have produced work based on Nature’s Resilience & growth, personal growth and places in transition.    Art competitions are an exciting way for students […]

Magic: The Gathering Club. 

This week we had two splendid games in Magic: The Gathering Club.  Mr Crabbe vs Felix Medford    Mr Ashfield vs Grace Hardington  Mr Ashfield 

Ava Cockayne 8RJN

Huge congratulations to Ava Cockayne in 8RJN, who has been selected to play for Lancashire Lacrosse Under 13s in the Northern tournament this weekend. This is a very impressive feat and reflects Ava’s dedication and prowess in a fast-paced and physically-demanding sport; good luck, Ava! Mrs Jordan

European Literature Society

The ‘European Literature Society’ finished reading ‘The Moustache’ by Emmanuel Carrère this week. A shocking ending to this novel that really challenged our understanding of how we construct our Identity, and how we can define a person. The discussion centred on what novels are for: should novels challenge us or reassure us? And why do […]

Bowdon Parish Church Choir – Choral Scholarship

Bowdon Parish Church Choir based in the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Bowdon have an amazing opportunity for singers of all voices aged 14-19 through their scholarship scheme. More details can be found below. If you would like any support with an application or if your child is applying we would love to know.    […]

Year 9 Skills and Careers Challenge

Year 9 students spent a day identifying and honing their employability skills this week. We welcomed a total of 42 visitors from local businesses and industries who worked with students in small groups on a variety of time-limited tasks which tested their communication, concentration, team-work, problem-solving and a whole host of other qualities needed in […]

Year 7 Hockey

Year 7 girls played in the Trafford tournament on Wednesday evening and despite a chilly night their efforts were superb! They came a stunning second, losing just one game. Charlotte Brown received girl of the tournament from the team for her fantastic right wing runs! Well done to everyone who took part and thanks to […]

Solar PV installation commences! 🌞

The work never stops here at Wellington and over the Christmas break, even in those blustery storms and heavy down pours, the first phase of our solar panel installation was completed!    Here are some stats about the Lynton array: Number of panels: 354 out of 946 (37%) Array capacity: 145 kWp Estimated annual generation: […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 22nd December 2023

Year 10 Sociology Christmas Hampers

Today, on the last day of term, the Year 10 sociology students have been and delivered Christmas Hampers to two local care homes. We have had a lovely, festive morning and were able to meet a number of residents. Well done and thank you to year 10 and the whole Wellington community for donating to […]


For the past two weeks Eco-committee has been planting 30 trees they received from the Woodland Trust. The trees are a mixture of Rowan, Wild Cherry and Silver Birch. They have been planting them on the sports field and in the grounds of the school, it has been muddy but satisfying work. The trees are […]

Maths Club

It was all hands to the cardboard cutting, sticking and glue guns this week as the Sierpiński Christmas tree was finally completed.  It was a combined effort from our Years 7, 8 and 12 mathematicians, with 4^4 (256) tetrahedrons glued together plus 7 for the star on top.  The fractal design was named after the […]


The STEM club have been making dazzling electronic Christmas trees during December. They have learnt how to solder and made a complex circuit board that features flashing Christmas lights.   They have all absolutely smashed this new skill. Well done to all of our STEM club. Have a great Christmas.   Mrs Cotton     […]

KS3 Enterprise Club

On Wednesday this week, our KS3 Enterprise Club ran a Christmas Market – a culmination of their hard work this half term.  Over the past 6 weeks, teams of budding entrepreneurs have been busy planning cake/cookie stalls, a tombola, candy cones and even a ‘decorate your own gingerbread man’ stall.  It was great to see […]

Key Stage 4 Trip

On Wednesday a small group of Key Stage 4 students were given the opportunity to spend the day in the Trafford Centre as a reward for the first term. Our numbers were limited due to transport, we could have taken lots more this term. We have been so impressed by how the Year 11’s have […]

Warhammer Club

Last week’s Friday Battle Hour saw another clash of armies in our second narrative mission – Ambush! You can read the overview of the mission below, but to summarise – Jasper Welton and Jacob Somerville were tasked with ambushing and destroying Luka Taylor’s Shadowsword super-heavy tank. A number of additional rules made the mission more […]

European Literature Society

The ‘European Literature Society’ were reading ‘The Moustache’ by Emmanuel Carrère this week. We discussed themes such as our perception of self, how we construct our Identity, and how we can define a person. The novel provoked a discussion on whether we could be deprived of self-identity, or our sense of self, and how this […]

Hockey News

The sixth form mixed hockey team played a fun friendly against Lymm on Wednesday. It was lovely to see them play again all grown up! The final score was 3-1 to us and well done to Charlie who received player of the match. Miss Richards  

7R Reading Goody Bags  

7R have worked tirelessly hard this year and their teachers decided they deserved a treat! On Thursday morning – after a call from Lapland – a special delivery came into Mr. Ahern’s English lesson where pupils all received a goody bag full of books connected to their current studies… from Horrible Histories to Greek myths. Even our Y13 English […]

Welly Food Bank Collection

It’s become quite the tradition now at Wellington for the 6th form to mastermind the food bank collection.   Thanks to the generosity of all our students, parents and guardians, and staff we had a bumper collection of food, drinks, treats and household products to donate to our local Trussell Trust.   The 6th form team […]

KS3 Book Borrowers!

Well done to the biggest book borrowers of KS3!   Jehan, Grace and Anna ( again for Year 9) have borrowed the most books this term in their respective year groups.    Hope you have time to get some festive reading in over the holidays and are raring to borrow lots more lovely books in […]

Hockey News

To finish the hockey training we ran a mixed tournament where you create your own teams. The students really enjoy this as they can join up with others from differing year groups and bring Christmas hats! Thank you and well done to all the students who came along and we look forward to seeing you […]

Music Department Christmas Celebrations

Thank you to all our students who have given up a big chunk of their free time over the last few weeks in order to prepare for our Christmas celebrations and as usual the students did not disappoint. It was lovely to see a combination of established ensemble groups such as Sing, the Rock Bands […]

Staff and Sixth Form Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday 15th December, we ended the term on a high with our ‘Staff and Sixth Form Christmas Jumper Day’. This has become something of an annual, festive tradition and, over the years, we have raised hundreds of pounds for charity. Students and staff looked resplendent in their winter woollens. Plenty of sparkle and tinsel on display too! Collection […]

Magic: The Gathering Club

This week, we had the regulars at Magic: The Gathering Club, testing Felix’s new deck out against Liam Maye. Grace Hardington is gaining confidence with the mechanics of the game each week that she gets another game in against Mr Crabbe!  Mr Ashfield   

Warhammer Club

Over the last couple of weeks, we have managed to get some more narrative-focused games going on a Friday after school and the gamers have loved it! Last week we had the club’s Welly Marines (Luka Taylor) trying to steal supplies from the Astra Militarum (Jasper Welton) as marauding Orks maintained their incursions into Imperial […]

Year 10 Yule Log

The year 10 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition class have had an excellent first term on the course and have really impressed me with their commitment to learning.  The whole class have really tried with every challenge I’ve thrown at them – showing excellent resilience throughout. With Christmas approaches we decided to challenge ourselves further […]

Science Club 13.12.23

Our Year 7 and Year 8 Science Clubbers have been discussing matters of the heart this week! We got our hands on some lamb’s hearts from the local butcher (which would have gone to waste otherwise) and the students have used scalpels to dissect and explore the different chambers and vessels. They have enjoyed the […]

Cross Country Championships 

On Tuesday, 30 pupils from across all year groups competed in the Trafford Cross Country Championships. The pupils raced in very wet and muddy conditions and were still determined to finish the race strong! An extra well done to Alesha Gubas-Hertzog (who also came 2rd and won a silver medal!),Elise Broderick, Ned Farncombe and Anna […]

Careers in Politics

The History and Politics welcomed former Westminster Insiders Declan and Helen McHugh on Wednesday afternoon to give a talk to our Politics students. The session covered potential careers that studying Politics can lead to, as well as an insight into voting behaviour, predictions for the next General Election and the inner workings/tensions within the Labour […]

Year 8/9 Indoor Athletics 

  The Year 8/9 athletics team travelled to Sportcity,  last Friday for the Greater Manchester indoor athletics competition. Pupils competed in a range of different events throughout the afternoon; 60M, 200M, high jump and long jump to name a few.  The standard at the competition was very high with athletes from different clubs over Manchester. […]

Geography Club

After a busy term in Geography Club, we were getting into the festive spirit on Wednesday using paper folding skills to make Christmas decorations out of maps in need of recycling. The group worked well as a team to help each other through each step. Here are some of the lovely decorations that were made. […]

Year 8 Hockey

The Year 8 girls played in a super tournament at Timperley Hockey Club on Wednesday. With over 14 teams it was a festival style event where we even got to play our Year 8 boys’ team. It was very cold but the festive hats kept us warm! We enjoyed beating the Wellington Year 8 boys’ […]

PE Extra Curricular Results


Music News

Thank you to all our performers who braved Storm Elin – or was it Fergus – to perform as part of the Lantern Parade on Saturday. They braved the elements to perform a truly open-air set, and performed brilliantly under very challenging circumstances. Thank you also to all the members of our community who came […]

Geography Careers Talk

On Thursday afternoon, we were joined once again by a group of our KS4 and KS5 Geography students for our second careers event of the year. Students were told all about the job of a transport planner and how much of a difference they can make to our everyday lives, including tackling big issues such […]

Bebras Challenge

Wellington Computing students took part in the annual Bebras challenge last month. The aim of the challenge is to develop computational thinking skills such as pattern recognition and algorithm design. Students solve a number of problems that are not related to any specific curriculum area. 46 students scored in the top 10% nationally and are […]

Apprenticeship Seminar

On Tuesday, our Year 11 and Sixth Form students attended seminars based around the plethora of apprenticeship opportunities which are open to them as post-16 and post-18 options. The seminars were delivered by Matt Leigh of the Greater Manchester Learning Network and he used real case-studies of recent Wellington leavers to provide examples of the […]

RE Trip to the University of Manchester

Last week, 40 GCSE Full Course and A Level Religious Studies students had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the University of Manchester’s animal research facilities. Whilst adhering to strict safety protocols, students were given a thorough ‘behind the scenes’ tour by researchers at the university. We met sheep who have pace makers fitted to try […]

Science Club 06.12.23

Things got a bit fiery this week for our Science Clubbers as we put on our best fire demonstrations. We discussed the fire triangle and the different ways we could carry out combustion reactions and products we would make. We also talked about different ways we could increase the rate of each reaction by showing […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 8th December 2023

Year 10 Business Studies Etihad Stadium Visit

On Friday our Year 10 GCSE Business Studies pupils visited the Etihad Stadium.  With a focus on the revenue it generates and costs it incurs on match days the pupils participated in a talk showing a good understanding of how a business can generate revenue and incur costs, as well as offering some suggestions on […]

Scholastic Book Fair

Another very successful Scholastic Book Fair took place in the LRC this week – pupils took full advantage of the half price books on sale, with many destined to be wrapped up and put under the tree in a couple of weeks time. Thanks to the high amount of sales, the library will receive over […]

Year 10 – GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition – Restaurant Trip

Year 10 food pupils visited Borrello restaurant in Sale to investigate food plating techniques as well as examining portion sizes and Italian cuisine. Pupils sat down to enjoy the two course, early bird menu which offered a wide variety of dishes at a very reasonable price.  Before eating each course, we studied and discussed how […]

Year 7 History Trip

On Friday 1st December, the History Department braved the icy cold to take 44 Year 7 pupils to Warwick Castle. We learned all about the Castle’s early life as an Anglo-Saxon fortress, how it then developed into a Norman Motte and Bailey in 1068 and eventually how it became the Stone Keep you see today. We toured the […]

PE Extra-Curricular Results


The Cafe Illusion

There was fun at Maths Club on Tuesday trying to reproduce the Münsterberg illusion.  This became well known in 1973 as the Cafe Wall Illusion when someone recognised the design in the tiles of a cafe wall in Bristol. The illusion is created using only horizontal and vertical lines, but drawn in a way that […]

Geography Careers Talk

This Thursday, we were visited by Peter Hayward, an Environmental Health and Safety Auditor with a wealth of experience working and studying in Geography. The GCSE and A-level Geography students were treated to a talk on Peter’s career path, from studying Geography at university, to the variety of fields that he has since worked in […]

Music News

Congratulations to Rosa Lyle in Year 8 for passing her Grade 2 piano exam with Merit this term. Congratulations also to Beth Dunham in Year 11 for passing her Grade 6 singing exam with 98%, a distinction.    Also a reminder that if you’re enjoying the Christmas shopping in Altrincham town centre this weekend you […]

Sociology Tutor2U Strong Foundations Masterclass

Last Friday (1st December) saw our Year 13 A Level Sociology students take to the Trafford Centre to complete a Tutor2U Strong Foundations Masterclass.   The event provided an interactive, intensive and engaging learning environment where students developed their exam technique and revised core topics. There was also lots of opportunities to develop contemporary examples […]

Lynton Building EAL Takeover! Young Interpreters Style!

Last year, we set up our first Young Interpreters Committee. We created digital signage for our infoscreens in different languages, created word lists to support pupils, ran clubs, and even trained 100 EAL buddies and much more.  A dedicated team of pupils, under the careful and brilliant guidance of Miss Grey wanted to create some […]

Geography Awareness Week

As part of Geography Awareness Week, we asked students in Geography to research famous adventures. The quality of homework was outstanding and students were incredibly creative. With the help of Geography Club, we awarded Daisy B (Year 9), Eve B (Year 9), Ella C (Year 7), Holly L (Year 7), India W (Year 7), Kitty […]

U15 Girls Hockey

The U15 girls hockey team played Loreto on Monday. With the score 0-0 at half time and barely any chances, a suitable half time talk was needed and it worked! They then played brilliantly with our newest signing Rachel Miles scoring. The game finished 3-0 and Holly Simms received girl of the game. Well done […]

European Literature Society

The next book being read by the ‘European Literature Society’ will be ‘The Moustache’ by Emmanuel Carrère. It is a comment on the power of the mind and how utterly terrifying it may be when one loses control of it. This week we discussed the ending of Voltaire’s ‘Candide’ and question whether it is still […]

Young Interpreters Scheme 

With the wonderful range of languages spoken by our School community, 43 Year 7 pupils were keen to train as Young Interpreters with me and my Year 8 Young Interpreters Committee on Tuesday.  Pupils completed four training sessions which explored empathising with pupils who speak English as an additional language, learning how to be a […]

Altrincham Christmas Lights Switch On

Thank you to all the students who took part in the Altrincham Christmas Lights switch on Saturday. It was a lovely afternoon in Altrincham and the choir were very well received.   You can catch us again as part of the Lantern Parade festivities in Altrincham on Saturday 9th December at 1pm this time in the […]

Year 13 Business Studies Strong Foundations Exam Masterclass

Today (Friday 1st Dec) our Year 13 A Level Business Studies students took part in a Tutor2U Strong Foundations Masterclass in the Trafford Centre.  The event provided an interactive, intensive and engaging learning environment where students developed their exam technique and revised key exam theory. The event is designed and delivered by experienced AQA examiner […]

Christmas Trees!

School is looking very festive thanks to a fabulous team of volunteers from Sixth Form. Christmas trees in main reception and the Adshead Hall are beautifully decorated and we have a gorgeous tree in Private Study and lots of twinkly lights. A huge thank you goes to all our Year 12 helpers for doing such […]

Wellbeing and Anti-Bullying Leaders

On Wednesday 29th November a whopping 120 students attended training to become our new KS3 and KS4 Wellbeing and Anti-Bullying Leaders.  The students were oozing with ideas for what we can include in our new Welly Wellbeing pocket book.  A smaller group worked on producing the material for the book and the 6th form leadership […]

Year 12 Spanish Study Day

On Tuesday 28th November Year 12 Spanish pupils spent the day at Home cinema in Manchester for an A-level study day. The day started with a university style lecture which set out a brief synopsis of the film they were going to watch, information on the play it was based on and details of the director, […]

Who’s there? An Overview of Ghosts in English Literature & Critical Theory 

On Wednesday evening, fifteen of our students from Years 10,11,12 & 13 went to a lecture by Mr J Connell; it was a ‘super-curricular’ opportunity as part of Urmston Grammar School’s ‘Community Lecture Series’. The lecture ranged over all manner of interesting facts and aspects of critical theory – from Marxism – a ‘spectre haunting […]

Year 7/8 Hockey

On Monday, the Year 7 and 8 girls hockey teams played Loreto. After a super start from the 7’s, we allowed them back into the game, finally drawing 4-4. Girl of the game was Holly Laing. The Year 8 game saw battles at both ends and a strong defence. The final score was 1-1 with […]

Author Visit – Tom Palmer

For our third author visit of the year we had well- known children’s author Tom Palmer come to Wellington School; his books are very popular in the LRC, as was obvious from the large amount of pupils who came to meet him and request autographs, photos and signed copies of his books!   Tom’s football […]

Altrincham Lights Switch On

On Saturday a number of our performers from Sing, Sing with 7s and our fabulous Mary Poppins cast will be entertaining the masses at the Altrincham Christmas Lights Switch on at 3.35pm. The venue for the switch on has now moved to Regent Road (there will be road closures in place on Saturday) and it would be […]

Geography Awareness Week, Cake Competition, 17th November

Thank you to all students for taking part in the cake competition in celebration of Geography Awareness Week. We are so impressed by your tasty, eye-catching bakes and are so proud of you all for the time and effort which would have gone into making them. All cakes were brilliant. We are very lucky to […]

Magic The Gathering Club

Brand new this year is our Magic The Gathering Club, running every Monday lunchtime! We have a small number of regulars who come along to test their own decks against each other, but we have recently seen more and more students interested and coming along to learn how to use the communal decks in the […]

Year 10 and 11 Theatre Trip – A Christmas Carol  

An after-school trip to the Altrincham Garrick to see a production of A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story turned out to be a very rewarding experience for 30 Year 10 and 11 students – along with Ms Spencer, Ms Simpson & I. We all left filled with the spirit of Christmas, and it was only mid-November. […]

Jessica Hyde 7DMY

Over the past few years Jessica has organised a collection from her own local community at Christmas to support South Trafford Foodbank.  This year, Jessica raised an amazing 266.1kg donation. They were delighted with her huge donation and sent her a lovely letter of thanks (below). Well done Jessica, we are very proud of you! […]

U16 Boys Hockey v AGSB

Given that most of our team was from Year 10 and our keeper has only played once before, a loss against AGSB seemed inevitable, but the scoreline was important. In order to go through to the next round of the Cheshire Cup we could only afford a goal difference of 6. We kept them to […]

PE Extra Curricular Results


Year 8 Visit to Manchester Jewish Museum

On Wednesday 15th November, 50 Year 8 students spent the day at the Manchester Jewish Museum. Students amazed the museum staff with their knowledge of Judaism and were given the opportunity to explore the museum’s exhibits at their leisure, discovering more about the fascinating history of Jewish migration to our city. In the afternoon, students had […]

Mary Poppins

This week our amazing cast finally performed Mary Poppins. They did four fantastic performances and we are so proud of them. Everyone was blown away by their hard work and dedication and we can’t thank them enough for being so hard working!  Miss Pusey

Leadership Programme

On Tuesday the whole of Year 8 embarked on the next stage of their leadership programme, analysing how to be the confident leader. They were examining concepts such as unconditional positive regard and getting comfortable with failure. Another great atmosphere and effort in the hall.    Mr Tomlinson  

CAFT Christmas Toy Appeal

This year we are delighted to be supporting The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust (CAFT) Christmas Appeal. CAFT provides a variety of free programmes for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children from all over the North West.  CAFT helps children of all abilities, children who through no fault of their own miss out on the normalities […]


Friday saw the Year 7 and 8 students take on their second tutorial with George the PhD tutor in their attempt to answer the question “why are we here” from a Scientific, Philosophical and Religious perspective. Super proud of how the students are engaging and questioning the answers.    Mr Tomlinson  

CAFT Santa Dash

IWM Loan Box

Over the past fortnight, Year 9 Historians have had the opportunity to handle some artefacts from the First World War. We were very lucky to be able to borrow a loan box of items from the Imperial War Museum North and every Year 9 class had the opportunity to study these items in a History lesson. It was […]

Science Club

This week our young scientists got their hands and noses dirty with a variety of mystery substances! Students were challenged to use only their fingers, or their sense of smell to identify what was inside the touchy-feely boxes and blacked-out sniff chambers.   Winners will be announced next week and more sweets doled out as prizes!  […]

Years 8 and 9 – Practical Assessments – Cooking and Nutrition

As we approach the end of the first technology rotation pupils in Years 8 and 9 have been taking part in the final practical assessment for Cooking and Nutrition. Year 8 have been researching and learning to make Mediterranean style cuisine with pupils cooking Cous Cous Salad, Chorizo Soup, Pizza and Meskouta (Moroccan Orange Cake) […]

Arts Award Winners!

This week we have been celebrating our KS3 Arts Award winners. 🎉   Congratulations to Martha, Milly, Isla, Louise and Alice in Year 8!   Well done to Lucy J, Lucy S, Elizabeth, Harry, Maiko, Leah, Imogen, Eva, Alice and Annie in Year 9!   These students spent one night a week last year, after school, […]

PE Extra-Curricular Results

Warhammer Club

This week’s Thursday Warhammer club was busy again, so busy in fact that we didn’t have time to capture photos of it! The usual painting corner was in full swing as young hobbyists painstakingly brought their growing collections to life, and a small number of students had a run-through of the OnePageRules system for their […]

Remembrance – We will remember them

In Textiles club, Year 7 & 8 students created this poppy display to commemorate and honour those who fought, served and died in wars and other conflicts and for those who continue to serve and protect us.  Mrs Booth

Chemistry in Action Conference

On Monday a mixed group of Chemistry students from Year 12 and 13 travelled into Manchester to attend the Chemistry in Action Conference. There were 5 sessions during the conference with leading scientists presenting their findings from the impossibly small nano-microscopy up to the impossibly big problems in using forensics to solve UK waste crime. […]

WorldWise Quiz

This week (Wednesday 15th November) the Sherlockholmies competed in the WorldWise Quiz organised by the Geographical Association which was hosted at MMU.   There have been a number of weekly heats and an exceptional amount of revision in preparation for the quiz. In the team were Daisy Bennett (Year 9), James Kirkup (Year 9) and […]

U16 Greater Manchester Hockey Tournament

The Year 10 girls hockey team took part in the U16 event and were supported by Elodie from Year 11 and Emily from Year 9. They played some very feisty hockey and were runners up!   They beat Sale Grammar 4-0 and narrowly lost to Withington 3-2.   The girls have all played together for […]

Logan Lauder 9BSN

Well done to Logan who competed in the Manchester Gold Cup last weekend – a three-day go-karting event. He did exceptionally well and we are very proud of him. Thank you to Logan for sharing his experience below. Mrs Hill “Last weekend I raced at the Three Sisters circuit in Wigan. The circuit hasn’t been […]

Maths Inspiration Trip

After an initial hiccup by the coach company, we arrived at the venue with only 10 minutes to hastily eat our lunch.  From then on, things went from good, to better, to best.     The speakers gave captivating talks about the mystery of patterns and the application of maths in our world today.  These included: […]

Year 11 Careers Fair and Workshops

On Friday we welcomed 37 employers and providers of further education for what is our largest internally held careers event of the year. Year 11 were off-timetable for periods 1-4 and attended a series of workshops and met visitors who had erected stands in the Adshead Hall. A workshop on how to maintain enthusiasm and […]

Warhammer Club

Last Friday saw a busy room of wargaming in Mr Ashfield’s lab as four young commanders battled it out across two tables! Joseph Stockley returned to the action after a tour of duty in the Year 11 exam halls, fielding his Tyranids (untested in the new edition of Warhammer) against Jasper Welton’s Astra Militarum. Ben […]

Year 8 Planetarium Visit

This week we were very lucky to have the planetarium back in school after a short hiatus. Dave Buttery of Auriga Astronomy was our host over the 2 days this week. The Year 8s as well as some of our Year 11 & 12 Physicists and Hive students were treated to shows, telling us about […]

Mary Poppins

A reminder that tickets for the school show Mary Poppins Jr are now on sale. You can book through the link below.   The show nights are:   Tuesday 21st November Wednesday 22nd November Thursday 23rd November   Show starts at 6pm, tickets are £5.50 for adults and £3.50 child/concession.   Would be great to see […]

Peer Mentoring

Following a two weeks break for the Year 11 mock exams, peer mentoring returned this week.   A fabulous atmosphere as the students had lots to catch up on. Really nice to see our younger and older students engaged in conversation about school life.   Mr Tomlinson

The English Department’s European Literature Society discusses Voltaire’s ‘Candide’ 

Tackling perhaps the most influential work of fiction ever – Voltaire’s ‘Candide’ – the English Department’s European Literature Society met up on Tuesday after school to discuss what made it so revolutionary, and so dangerous. Why is ‘Candide’ still considered to be one of the 100 most influential books ever written? And why, at the time, […]

Trafford Hockey

Last week’s Trafford hockey event saw the Year 7 girls play against Sale Grammar and Loreto. With two wins under their belt they were very pleased with their performance. Elin received player of the match. Well done to all who took part. Miss Richards

Science Club

This week in Science Club students got creative with spooky Halloween dioramas! There were some traditional themes as well as some new ones: “Every student’s worst fear is getting homework!”  Once the dioramas were judged, someone from each team poured ethanoic acid into the bubbling beaker in the middle, and a very dramatic reaction ensued!  […]

PE Extra-Curricular Results


Thank you!

This week we have been informed that we were the winning project for the Tesco’s helping hands fund and will be receiving funding of £1,500 for our food/cooking project. I’d just like to say a massive thank you to all the parents, pupils, friends of the school and the local community for voting for our […]

Mary Poppins

A reminder that tickets for the school show Mary Poppins Jr are now on sale. You can book through the link below. The show nights are: Tuesday 21st November Wednesday 22nd November Thursday 23rd November Show starts at 6pm, tickets are £5.50 for adults and £3.50 child/concession. Would be great to see as many of you there […]

Diwali Project

Several year groups this week have had an assembly linked to the festival of Diwali. This is a festival that is celebrated all over the world in a variety of different ways. To mark the festival within the Wellington community, we would like to run a project in the build up to the festive period […]

Author Visit

We were delighted to welcome the fabulous author AM Dassu to Wellington School on Wednesday. The author talked about her latest book Kicked out, set in Hale Barns, which is a sequel to her book Boy, Everywhere. Her characters come from all walks of life, cultures and background and her books are full of empathy […]

Senior Maths Challenge

Congratulations to our Year 12’s and 13’s who took part in this year’s Senior Maths Challenge, it was our best ever for high scores with five students qualifying for the follow-on Senior Kangaroo challenge on 15th November and many other students achieving silver and bronze certificates. Well done to everyone who took part, a great achievement […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 20th October 2023

Grow Your Own Club

Wellington’s Grow Your Own Club have made an excellent start to the term, taking care of the Science department plants and making our first lasagne plant pots. Yes, you read correctly and no, we haven’t slipped into food tech! Lasagne planting is a clever way of planting bulbs in pots in layers to create a […]

After School Year 9 Spanish

A group of very keen linguists in Year 9 have taken up Spanish after school every Thursday as an extra language. The pupils have been coming weekly and getting to grips with the basics including introducing themselves and being able to talk about their families. As a reward for all their hard work this half […]

Ada Lovelace Day

Last Tuesday was Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates the achievements of women in STEM subjects. Ada Lovelace was a pioneer who is considered the first programmer. To celebrate, the Computing department took a group of Year 9 students to the Spinningfields offices of MoneySuperMarket. They were able to meet inspirational women who work in tech […]

Warhammer Club

Members of Warhammer Club have started to settle in nicely as we draw to the end of the first half term. We got a good afternoon of gaming in last Friday, have a look at the photos starring Colum Parker who had a great time showing Ben Meyers just how unbelievably many guns he could […]

Animal Club

Animal club had a slightly different theme this week ~ pumpkin painting, biscuit decorating and keyring making! Mrs Potter

Mary Poppins

The tickets for the school show Mary Poppins Jr are now on sale. You can book through the link below.   The show nights are:   Tuesday 21st November  Wednesday 22nd November  Thursday 23rd November   Show starts at 6pm, tickets are £5.50 for adults and £3.50 child/concession.    As always, the students are amazing and […]

Wellington Alumni – Kyle Lambert

I had my annual meet up with a past Wellington student recently.  Kyle Lambert studied D&T Graphics at Wellington in the early 00’s.  Even as a student Kyle was pushing the envelope in terms of what was possible with 3D digitally illustrated outcomes experimenting with the use of Adobe Photoshop.  Aside from his GCSE work, […]

STEM Club October 2023

This term students have been learning to use the TechSoft programme to create their own wooden decorations using the laser cutter. Many have opted for ghoulish Halloween designs – importing and modifying images to fit the brief and watching them print and cut out ready to take home over the half-term break. Great work this […]

PE Extra-Curricular Results

Year 7 Netball

Our Year 7B and Year 7A Netball teams both competed at the Trafford Netball Seeding evenings this week. Seeding evenings are tournament style games, which are used to help form the leagues for the year. The 7B team had a fantastic evening, winning all their games and showed great team spirt throughout the night. On […]

U16 Boys Hockey

U16 boys hockey drew 1 all against Cheadle Hulme School in the Cheshire Cup. A super game with James in goal for the first time. Man of the Match from them – James Court GK and from us – Joe Wiggan.    Miss Richards

Lessons from Auschwitz Project

On Wednesday 11th October, Phoebe Tuzio, Zainab Ali, Jessica Hill and Chloe-Mae Bedicer from Year 12 visited Poland as part of the Lessons from Auschwitz Project. Since 1999, over 41,000 students and teachers have taken part in the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Lessons from Auschwitz Project. Based on the premise that ‘hearing is not like seeing’, this four-part course […]

Black History Month

October is Black History Month and I’d like to share with parents what we planned for pupils to celebrate this event. Year 7 took part in a treasure hunt competition and homework task based around this year’s theme of Celebrating our Sisters – learning about the lives of 5 influential Black British women. The treasure […]

Interform Hockey

Congratulations to all those who have taken part in interform this week.   The 8X hockey winners were SBR!   Miss Richards  

Year 8 Girls Hockey

Year 8 girls hockey had a narrow loss (8-7) to AGGS on Wednesday evening. With goals a plenty, it was a thrilling first game for the Year 8s. Grace Edge dominated in defence, sending strong balls through the middle. Orla Mawby used her skills to get the ball into the D and Isla Dugdale-Reed sent […]

European Literature Society

The English Department’s European Literature Society met again on Tuesday after school to discuss their second work of literature of the year: “A Simple Heart”, a story by Gustave Flaubert that appeared in his book Three Tales in 1877. The story follows the kind and loving maidservant Félicité from her youth to her death and […]

Year 7 ‘Make Home ‘Work” Project Day

Last Friday saw the project-phase of our Year 7 ‘Make Home ‘Work’ Scheme. Over the last few weeks, every department has supported pupils with advice and skills from organising their planner to researching a project.    Over the last fortnight, pupils chose a subject brief to complete which allowed them to explore an Arts-based research and creative […]

Year 10 – GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

Year 10 GCSE pupils have made an excellent start to this option course. I have been extremely impressed with the enthusiasm the group have shown and even more impressed by the knowledge and understanding of key processes that the pupils have already demonstrated. This week we made Focaccia bread and French Onion soup to demonstrate […]

Year 7 Boys Football

Year 7 Boys Football continued their unbeaten run in the league with an 11-0 victory over AOM yesterday. Goals from Curran x1, Brown x2, Conyers x3, Mairs x3, Farncombe x1 and an unlucky own goal.    Next week we have BTH (A) on Tuesday. It will be a tough game given the result in the […]

World Mental Health Day

  A huge thank you to everyone who took part in #HelloYellow! This year, thousands of incredible supporters across the country came together to stand out and show up for young people’s mental health. And we are so grateful. By wearing yellow and donating to support our work, you helped show young people that they […]

Year 11 – GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition

After a tentative start, Year 11 have now settled into their first non-examination assessment task which is worth 15% of the final GCSE grade.  Although I am unable to discuss the specifics of the task, I’d just like to let Year 11 know that their efforts so far haven’t gone unnoticed and I have been […]

Animal Club

Animal Club welcomed budgies Elton and Elsa this week!  They kept everyone in hub2 entertained singing and tweeting all day long!  Mrs Potter

Year 13 French trip to Paris

On 1st October, our year 13 French A level group visited Paris. We had an excellent journey on Eurostar, and we travelled around Paris by metro. Although it was only a short stay, our itinerary was crammed and you will be pleased to know that there was not a bed bug in sight!   We […]

PE Extra-Curricular Results


Warhammer Club

Last week saw Room 29 full of young modellers again as Warhammer Club was in full swing! Two of our new Year 7 members, Saafi and Ben, completed their second demo game using Warhammer 40K 10th Edition rules. The boys decided that the battle was taking place on a formerly peaceful space marine colony, now […]

National Poetry Day

It was great to see so many pupils taking part in the National Poetry Day “treasure hunt” on the 5th October – this involved following the clues to discover the poems displayed around school, reading the poems and finding the answers to the poetry based questions.    Well done to Jessica in 7DMY for winning the […]

Peer Mentoring

Our peer mentoring programme is now fully up and running with up to 39 students being mentored.   The atmosphere is the hall is fabulous and a pleasure to see our older students interacting and supporting our younger ones.   Mr Tomlinson    

Year 10 Boys Football

Well done to the Year 10 boys football beat Ashton on Mersey 6-0 on Tuesday. It was the best I’ve seen them play as a unit. The passing was crisp, movement off the ball quicker and stronger in our challenges.  Mr Tomlinson


We launched our next stage of the scholars programme with a mix of 14 Year 7 and Year 8 students. The online launch told our students about what life is like at university, the process of how to get to university and study skills to get there.    We start our project “Why are we […]

Friends of Pickering Lodge Park

On Saturday, between 10.30 and 12, the Friends of Pickering Lodge Park will be planting bulbs. Everyone welcome to join in and any donations of bulbs appreciated.

Supporting Your Child’s Reading

Over coming weeks, we will be further developing our Reading page of the School’s website. This currently can be found under the Literacy Resources tab of ‘Curriculum’ at   We have however already produced this week a guide to help parents/carers support their child’s reading at home so please so have a watch of the […]

National Poetry Day

Thank you to a number of our KS3 pupils who volunteered to read one of this year’s National Poetry Day poems, ‘Hope’ by Nicola Davies’ to be played in all English Ks3 lessons on Thursday. This year’s theme is refuge and we liked the fact that this poem explores the planting of a sunflower – […]

Animal Club

This week the animal club welcomed a Russian tortoise. Thanks so much to Jess B who prepared the worksheets and ran the session.    Mrs Potter

Tag der Deutschen Einheit!

Year 9 students of German have been learning about Reunification Day (3rd October) this week and finding out what the Berlin Wall was all about: why it was put up and why it came down. They have been looking at some pictures of Berlin pre-1989 vs modern-day and considering what it meant for the East- and West-German […]

Year 10 Hockey

A fantastic start to the hockey season!   The year 10B mixed hockey team played Lymm on Tuesday and despite the dreadful weather they managed a draw. Considering this is a new group to play together they were solid in defence, just a few tweaks are needed for the next game in the attacking D.  […]

Bowdon Parish Church Choir

Thank you to Joanna Williams who has contacted the school on behalf of the choir of St Mary’s Parish Church, Bowdon, to let us know about an amazing opportunity for any budding choristers. If your child applies then please let us know, if you’d like any support with the application then once again please let […]

European Literature Society

The English Department’s European Literature Society met up on Tuesday after school to discuss their first work of literature of the year: ‘Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka, which tells the story of salesman Gregor Samsa, who wakes one morning to find himself inexplicably transformed into a “monstrous vermin”. The novella has been widely discussed among literary […]

Jovie Ho 8CSN

Congratulations to Jovie who took part in the British Taekwondo National Championship in Sheffield last weekend. She earned a gold medal in the competition for the second time. Jovie will also be participating in the Riga Open at Latvia – which is a world wide Taekwondo competition with a global ranking. We wish her the best […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 29th September 2023

Macmillan Cake Sale

This year’s cake theme was ‘My Favourite Thing’ and we certainly saw that in the bakes today! Staff have been stirring, mixing and icing some of the most incredible bakes we’ve ever had. Favourite things included: the beach, camping, sweets, films and even a roast dinner! On Monday morning, the results of money made and […]

Wellington World Day of Languages!

Today, we have been celebrating all the wonderful languages represented at Wellington School! During tutor time, pupils have heard from various members of staff who love languages, and reflected on the benefits of speaking another tongue. The Adshead Hall was the venue for our annual pupil-led language-learning experience, where Year 7 and 8 students are […]

REP Police Museum Trip

Last Friday, our Full Course REP pupils jumped on the tram into Manchester to visit the Police Museum. This relates to their learning on the developments of crime and punishment and pupils were guided around the Museum (which is a former police station) by an ex police officer. They were shown a variety of different […]

Animal Club

Animal Club started in Hub 2 this week.   KS3 students welcomed a Leopard Gecko and were keen to learn all about it.   The session was lead by Neve, Megan and Jess – thank you!   Mrs Potter

Warhammer Club

Warhammer Club ran again this week – our third meeting of the year! We have been so popular on a Thursday lunchtime that the beleaguered Mr Crabbe and Mr Ashfield have barely had time to eat lunch, let alone take pictures of all the different activities! There seem to be some really keen beans who […]

Leadership Programme

On Tuesday our Year 8 students took part in the first stage of their Leadership Programme with The Natural Leader. The programme is designed at upskilling our students in analysing the strengths and values needed to improve their leadership skills. It is the first time this programme has been delivered in secondary schools, so our […]

PE Extra-Curricular Results


A-Level Biology Field Trip to FSC Castle Head, Grange-over-Sands

With the weather forecast predicting hurricanes and torrential rain, we set off on Wednesday morning for the annual Year 13 A-Level Biology Field Trip. Collectively the group seemed to have almost psychic control of the elements though; as whether on the coach or in the classroom, for 3 days straight the weather was at its […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 22nd September 2023

Music News

  Thank you to all the performers who have worked incredibly hard to prepare for the Awards Evening which was held on Tuesday evening. All the performances were absolutely amazing but my personal highlights were the new Year 7 students, supported by the KS3 Rock Band singing ‘Mountain’ by the wonderful Sam Ryder, ‘Brighter Days’ […]

Chester Zoo Trip

On Friday 15th September, 53 Psychology students embarked out on an adventure to Chester Zoo.  We took part in a Primate Behaviour workshop looking aspects of animal Psychology such as Classical Conditioning and Attachments with both the Orangutans and the Chimps, we were even lucky enough to get a little look at the newest member of […]

Macbeth Trip

Myself and Ms Fletcher, along with 27 Year 11 pupils went to see a production of ‘Macbeth’ at the Shakespeare North Playhouse in Prescot. The production sought to present a modern take of Shakespeare’s original play. Whilst the dialogue was kept in traditional Shakespearean language, the addition of communication by text message, grisly and graphic murders […]

Year 11 Sports Studies Outdoor Pursuits Trip 

Yesterday, Miss Richards and I took the Year 11 Sports Studies pupils to Trentham Treetop Outdoor Pursuits Centre to take part in a high ropes course. Throughout the day, the pupils were assessed in their performance by demonstrating a wide range of skills and knowledge; how to put a harness on, how to clip on […]

Debby’s Happy Place!

We are delighted that our very own lovely Debby (School Office) has been featured in this month’s Modern Garden magazine. Debby loves her garden and it is her ‘Happy Place’. Read all about it here. My Happy Place    

Health for Teens

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Dungeons and Dragons is back to a roaring start on Thursdays – thank you to all who came, especially the newcomers! We’ve got five groups up and running this year, with five wonderful Dungeon Masters: Will Stockley, Cadence Williamson, Benjamin Langridge, Benjamin Hood and Jensen Boyd. One group played the board game Dungeons and Dragons: […]

Silver Duke of Edinburgh

Back in July, 39 students embarked on their DofE practice expedition in the Ashworth Valley. All 39, now in Year 11, took on the challenge of their Silver DofE assessed expedition last week. The participants walked independently for seven hours on each of the three days carrying all they needed to be self-sufficient for the […]

A Level Film Studies

As part of the introduction to film form, students were introduced to Foley sound whereby artists create sounds during post-production, in synchrony with the picture, the enhance the quality of the audio. Students were given the opening scene of Elephant (Clarke) and conducted their own Foley session, creating their own sound effects to enhance the scene. […]

Year 7 and 8 Dodgeball

The success of the Year 8 Dodgeball team last year becoming National Champions has created a surge in interest and enthusiasm for the sport within the school.  Over 100 Year 7 & 8 students attending the first Dodgeball practice this week.  Fantastic effort by all involved. Dr Davidson

Cheshire School of Bell Ringing

Is your child looking for a new hobby? Something that they can take to university and beyond? A hobby that is both challenging and rewarding, that requires physical skill and mental agility?   If so, bell ringing could be it. The brand new Cheshire School of Bell Ringing has arrived and it is based in […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 8th September 2023

Year 12 Bonding Day

Only 3 days into term and Year 12’s time in Sixth Form got off to a bang with a visit to Liverpool John Moores University and Wild Shore Aqua Park in Delamere for our annual Bonding Day.    In the morning, our new Sixth Formers took part in a carousel of workshops delivered by university […]

LRC Update

The LRC has welcomed two new Year 9 librarians this week – thanks to Jasper for training them in the library skills they will need for the rest of the year.   To celebrate the new school year every Year 7 has been gifted a fiction book of their own choosing (chosen on new pupil […]

2023 Year 7 Spelling Bee 

At the end of last year, the English department held its Spelling Bee competition! Each English class completed a spelling test in advance and the winners of this round then competed in the grand final to be crowned as Wellington’s best speller in year 7. The final was a glitzy affair (Mrs Jordan fully embraced the game […]

Warhammer Club

Given the flurry of activity at the end of last academic year we didn’t actually manage to tie up our loose ends in the newsletter as planned, so here are the missing articles from the last week in July!  Lunchtime  Warhammer Club has still been swinging over the last three weeks despite being quiet on […]

A Level Congratulations!

Congratulations to our wonderful Year 13 students who have achieved fantastic results this year. Despite this being the first set of external examinations this cohort has taken, their resilience and hard work has paid off. The results at Wellington Sixth form continue on an upward trajectory and exceed those achieved in 2019 with almost a quarter […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 20th July 2023

Project in A Day: Year 7  

On Monday, Year 7 completed one of twelve projects hosted by a multitude of staff. From Crime Scene Investigates, to Make Your Own Music Video, to a performance of Grease, and of course a Harry Potter-themed Potions Class and Mandrake Plant greenhouse, the pupils had an abundance of projects to choose from. There were a number of projects linked to wellbeing and Mindfulness too: especially in the creative arts and through the Identity Mandala project. Our popular […]

Half-Term Heroes

Our final roll-call of English Half-term Heroes is in! Drum roll please… The English Department would like to celebrate the following stellar students who have finished the 2022-2023 academic year in style! Kudos goes to: Thea Jeffries (nominated by Miss Hitchens) Penny Coombs (nominated by Ms Spencer-Cruise) Max Turnbull-Mills (nominated by Mrs McDonnell) Jack Goodman […]

The Fed Guardianship Programme

It was my pleasure to welcome back guests from the Jewish Fed and also Anne Super, Gisela Feldman and Marianne Phillips on 18th July. Anne, Marianne and Gisela are all Holocaust survivors that have been working closely with the History Department this year. We were approached by Danielle Jeffries from the Fed in November 2022 and […]


This term our Year 10 students have been trying their hand at a range of writing forms – descriptive and narrative compositions, as well as articles expressing a viewpoint. These are key skills assessed as part of the GCSE Language qualification. At the conclusion of our studies, all pupils in the year entered a ‘Future […]

History Department Annual Prize Draw

The History Department held our annual prize draw to reward one lucky KS3 pupil that achieved more than 25 positive ClassCharts points from their History teacher this year. There were around 15 names in the hat, but the lucky winner was Jaden Chiu from 7SHG. Congratulations Jaden! We hope you spend your £20 Waterstones voucher […]

International Women in Engineering Day

This year was the second run of our bridge building competition to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2023. We had an impressive turn-out of future engineers from Years 7 to 9, who were tasked with building the strongest bridge possible using only cardboard, paper and Sellotape. There were many excellent constructions but the winning […]

Orla Mawby and Emily Girdlestone

This weekend Orla Mawby (Year 7) and Emily Girdlestone (Year 8) were selected to compete in the North West U13 Hockey Squad in the National Regional Lyons Tournament held at the National Centre in Nottingham (Orla was playing up a year group). Orla played in the A squad who beat South Wales 1-0. Here s […]

Reuben Clarke 9ESD

Well done to Reuben Clarke – his new commercial for “Muller Rice” is out now on TV, Cinema and Socials – he was cast from 100’s of boys across the whole of the UK by the incredible Kate & Lou Casting.  He had the best fun filming in London and what a wonderful brand to […]

Hedgehog Rescue!

We rescued an injured young hedgehog on site on Monday – thank you to Jenny for spotting him. He is now the capable hands of the Withington Hedgehog hospital. He had a very badly infected back leg (which you can see in the photo is very swollen) caused by an unknown injury. He will likely […]

Enterprise Challenge

Year 10 students battled it out on Tuesday and Wednesday to see which of them had the entrepreneurial skills to come out on top in our Enterprise Challenge careers event. Students were each assigned a company role – engineer, MD, sales executive, marketing director – and worked as a team to create the most productive […]

Bastille Day

On Friday 14th July, we welcomed over 200 children from four local primary schools and led them in a carousel of different activities around the theme of the French Revolution for our Primary Bastille Day event. Each station allowed the pupils to use a variety of skills and learn a bit more about French history […]

MFL Cultural Project Competition

Congratulations for the winners of the Year 7 and 8 Cultural Project competition! Students in Year 7 were tasked with researching a French-speaking country, whilst Year 8 presented a festival celebrated in either French- or German-speaking countries. The MFL staff were incredibly impressed with the level of detail and creative presentations of projects, and a […]

Daresbury Laboratory Trip

Year 12 students went to Daresbury Laboratory this week to look at particle accelerators and their applications, which include mapping the COVID-19 protein structure which aided rapid vaccine development, how they helped make chocolate less bitter, and also their normal application in discovering new subatomic particles.  They got hands-on experience too exploring nuclear sources and […]

Year 10 Media City Tour

Year 10 had a fantastic afternoon at BBC studios on Thursday this week. Pupils listened to a talk from assistant editor for radio sports news Kate Kopczyk, digital senior journalists Becky Grey and Mike Henson and sports news senior journalist Jenny Culshaw. All had some valuable insights and advice for getting into and succeeding in the industry. The studios, galleries and the facilities […]

Year 10 – Practical Food Assessment

Well done to Year 10 who have taken part in a practice assessment for next year’s GCSE. As part of the Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE, pupils are required to produce a report which also includes a write up of some chosen practical dishes. Pupils firstly make up to 4 trial dishes (we did 2 […]


This week eco-committee visited Chris Walker plants. Throughout the year eco-committee have fundraised and they decided to use the money to purchase 3 planters, compost and a variety of insect friendly plants. They visited the plant nursery and chose the plants themselves, and then planted them when they got back to school. They decided to […]

BBC Newsround – Sathnam Sanghera Interview

You’ll remember that we recently had the privilege to have Sathnam Sanghera, the author of EmpIreland and Stolen History at Wellington for an author visit last month. On the day, we also had a visit from BBC Newsround who filmed a pupil-led interview for their television bulletin. This has gone live this morning and can be watched here: Well […]

8R Drama 

This week 8R turned their hands to puppetry! They worked together to build their own ‘brown paper man’ puppet, named him Terry and successfully brought him to life using the 3 principles of puppetry: focus, breathing, and weight. The class were then able to produce a fantastic short piece of theatre where one student interacted […]

Warhammer Club

Lunchtime  Warhammer Club has still been swinging over the last three weeks despite being quiet on the newsletter front. Key helpers during lunchtimes have been Isla Senior, Anna Vaniak, and Jensen Boyd, working hard at building our scenery collection to use in battles.  Following the launch of Games Workshop’s new 10th Edition box, we were […]

Bronze for Jess!

On Saturday 1st July, Jess Wilkins in Year 9 competed at the English Schools Track & Field Championships at The Alexander Stadium in Birmingham. Jess competed in the hammer representing Greater Manchester. I was eagerly watching Jess on YouTube, following her progress throughout the morning. Leading up to the event Jess was a bag on nerves […]

KS3 – Year 9 Practical Assessments: Asia, Africa and The Americas

This week has been busy with the final practical assessments at Key Stage 3. Year 9 pupils were given the task to plan, prepare and make a dish of their choice from either Asia, Africa or The Americas. A wide variety of dishes were chosen and all pupils aimed to impress. Great work Year 9, […]

Year 8 Normandy Trip 

40 year 8 students left school just before midnight on Saturday 30th June, accompanied by Mr Beeley, Mrs Hill, Miss Purdy, Mrs Casey and myself. After a long coach and ferry journey we arrived at our accommodation in Asnelles-sur-mer, a pretty seaside village on the Normandy coast (Gold Beach). We had a busy four-day stay, […]

80 Gothic News Report

Once again 80 have impressed me with their enthusiasm and creativity during another fantastic project-based activity. Pupils have read The Monkey’s Paw as part of the ‘Gothic’ unit of work and then created a news report based on the story. Everyone worked so hard on the scripting, filming and editing and we all very much […]

Dungeons and Dragons Club

The final Dungeons and Dragons Club of the year went off well with plenty of sweets and battles! Well done to Benjamin Langridge and Jack Goodman, our Dungeon Masters.  Miss Hollis  

KS3 – Year 8 Practical Assessment: Mediterranean Cuisine

Year 8 have also been completing their final dishes too as part of their overall D&T assessment process. Mediterranean Cuisine is the style of food that year 8 had to make and they did not disappoint. Pupils researched a wide variety of Mediterranean countries including, Spain, Italy and Greece. They then produced detailed time plans […]

Dodgeball Champions!

On Thursday our Regional U13s Dodgeball Champions headed to Stoke for the National Dodgeball Finals against 13 other schools from across the country. The team have gone through all of the competitions from local to regional and remained undefeated, so our expectations were set incredibly high.  Our league for the day saw us competing against […]

Guardianship Project

Over the past fortnight, 12 Year 12 pupils have been presenting their learning of three Holocaust survivors to Year 9 pupils. We’re very lucky to work closely with the Jewish Fed and, as a result of this, this small group of 6th form pupils were selected to become Guardians of the stories of 3 remarkable women: Anne Super, […]

Year 8 English

Year 8 pupils have been studying the Gothic genre. Using a range of media types, pupils had to create a new book cover for the gothic short story, Click Clack the Rattlebag by Neil Gaiman. Set winners: Tobey Prince 8H; Kate Joseph 8O; Holly Sachro 8S; Isla Senier 8T; Eleanor Tulley 8F; Marlis Robson 8I; […]

Jovie Ho 7CSN

Jovie who attended the Taekwondo British International Open 2023 last weekend and has obtained her first gold medal at the International Open Level, which has a European Taekwondo Union ranking.  Well done Jovie!   Mrs Thomson  

Year 7 Buddy Club

This year, we have been delighted to welcome a number of Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking pupils to Wellington. Always aware of the potential additional needs of our pupils, particularly those relatively new to the UK let alone the School, a group of Year 12 students proposed the idea to run a Buddy Club where pupils could […]

New Parent Evening

We held the new parent evening on Monday where Seiji and Ellen performed as the parents were arriving into the hall. They were simply amazing!! Mr Tomlinson

GCSE Art & Music Trip

On Thursday 29th June 55 Year 10’s visited the British Music Experience in Liverpool to gather research for both GCSE courses. We saw a fantastic collection of memorabilia, stage outfits, instruments, images and footage of British music from 1940’s to present day. We were able to explore the Gibson bands studio and danced our way through […]

Good Luck Jess!

A BIG good luck to Jess Wilkins in Year 9 who is competing at the English Schools track & field championships this weekend in Birmingham. We are all routing for you Jess!! Jess is competing in the Hammer tomorrow morning! It is also being streamed on youtube on the England athletics channel!   Miss Crewe 

Year 7 Girls Football

Well done to the Year 7 girls who received their league trophy and medals this week. Mr Tomlinson

German Taster Lesson at The Willows

On Wednesday, three Year 12 students delivered a German taster lesson to 46 Year 4 pupils at The Willows Primary School. The students planned and delivered the session on German foods, developing both their language and leadership skills. The students at The Willows Primary School enjoyed the session and were able to match up the […]

STEM Experience Day

Last Thursday, Miss Lee and I took a minibus full of keen year 12 students to Liverpool University for a STEM experience day.  Students attended two sessions from a diverse range of topics within chemistry, computer science, maths and physics.  From considering the prospect of artificially Intelligent Lego and how to communicate during a Zombie […]

Media Studies Trip

On Tuesday, students from 10C Media Studies visited the BBC studios at Quay House in Media City, Salford Quays. During the visit, we had a Q&A session with researchers, a journalist and an apprentice at BBC Sport, who gave us an insight into what working at the BBC – and in the media industry in […]

Year 10 D & T Design and Make Project

Year 10 design & technology students have been developing their investigative, analytical, design and making skills to complete a Design & Make project to prepare them for their Non-Examination Assessment.  Students have designed a fashion corset for a high-profile event or occasion. they identified a client, investigated their needs and requirements before creating their ideas. […]

Language Link International 

In the past Wellington School has invited a number of Spanish boys and girls to attend classes towards the end of the summer term. This had paused over the past couple of years however, we are delighted that the link has been restarted this year. Jamie Spencer has hosted Jaime from Valencia for the past […]

Tesco Community Grants

We are delighted to announce that our application to the Tesco Community Grants Scheme has been successful and our project will be put forward to a customer vote in Tesco stores.  Voting will commence in store from the first week of July 2023 until the end of September 2023. We have applied for funding to […]

Pride Conference at Sale Grammar School

On Thursday, Mr Vernon and I took a group of pupils to a Pride Conference, hosted by Sale Grammar School. There were also pupils in attendance from other schools in the Trafford area (Sale High School and Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic College). The turnout was fantastic; with about 50 pupils in total and a variety […]

Pride Month Webinar

A group of students from Years 8-10 took part in a Pride Month webinar hosted by the Faith and Belief Forum. We joined schools across the UK on Zoom to hear from different people of faith and their own personal experiences of identifying as LGBTQ+ alongside their religious and spiritual beliefs. Students heard from Giles […]

Year 12 Review and Reward Day

Our Year 12 Review and Reward Day took place on Wednesday this week. We spent the morning reflecting on the past 12 months and planning for next year now we’re at the halfway point. Mr Cropper led some sessions on Personal Learning Checklists, university applications and UCAS personal statements. Year 12 then spent time with […]

Art and Design Degree Show

Mrs Marneras, Mrs Dunne and 10 Year 12 students visited the Manchester Metropolitan University Art and Design degree show on Monday 19th June. Upon arriving we were met by staff at the impressive SODA (School of Digital Arts) building who welcomed us and gave us maps of the different end of year art exhibitions. We […]

MFL Visit to University of Manchester

Year 12 French and German students attended the University of Manchester on Thursday. The event offered them taster sessions in various other languages such as Portuguese, Italian and Chinese as well as cultural lectures, including on French Feminism and Gender Analysis of the German language. Wellington students met with current University students to practise French […]

Healthy Eating Week

Last week, 12th – 16th June was Health Eating Week (HEW). HEW is organised by the British Nutrition Foundation and involves schools across the country running a variety of activities to promote the advice of The Eatwell Guide. As part of Healthy Eating Week, Wellington School organised some activities to coincide with Sports Day on […]

Sale Harriers Athletics Competition

On Wednesday, Miss Kelly and I had the pleasure of taking the Year 7 and Year 8/9 combined athletics team to Sportcity to compete in the annual Sale Harriers invitation only outdoor competition! We had a fantastic day! This was the first time we had taken 4 teams as opposed to last year where only […]


On Monday Greater Manchester Community Renewables visited Eco-committee to tell them more about their project to get solar panels on the roof of the school. It was a really interesting session, eco-committee heard all about the project and shared some ideas for fundraising the money needed for the installation. £350 000 needs to be raised […]

Peer Mentoring

Our first wave of peer mentoring took place on Tuesday with our trained Year 10 students being mentors and role models to some of our younger students. The atmosphere was fabulous and how engaged all students were in their conversation was a pleasure to witness. Mr Tomlinson

Year 7 Cricket

On Wednesday the Year 7 Cricketers hosted AOM on our Astro. At Year 7 the format is different to normal hard ball cricket as we aim to encourage as many pupils to play as possible. As such, it is a paired Cricket match where every player bats, bowls and wicket keeps. Every team starts on […]

Former Pupil Sam Roscoe Signs for Altrincham FC

Great news this week – former pupil Sam Roscoe has signed for Altrincham FC next season – mum (Mrs Dunne) is super proud and delighted to have him home! Here is his first interview with the club.    

Warhammer Club

You may be forgiven for feeling that, given the pomp and circumstance of last week’s award ceremony and the excitement of Mr Beeley visiting the club, that the students would need a week off to recover from their travails; however you would be gravely mistaken as this Tuesday we launched our new summer event: a […]

Year 12: Geography Lake District Keswick and Silloth

The Year 12 geographers enjoyed a gloriously hot three days at the Blencathra Field Studies Centre in the Lake District. They got to try a smorgasbord of fieldwork techniques and ideas to help them plan their own investigation, a core part of their A Level. On Day 1, they practised human geography techniques in Keswick […]

More Maths with Rollercoasters!

Whilst half of Key Stage 3 were off to Sports Day, some of our Year 7s were in school designing and building their own rollercoasters – using card and Sellotape. Well done to the members of 7N, 7E and Maths Club who put their engineering skills to the test to build a rollercoaster in under […]

Open Day 2023

Open Day 24th June 2023

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 16th June 2023

Sathnam Sanghera Visit

Wellington was excited to be visited by Sathnam Sanghera on Thursday, the journalist and author of “Empireland” and “Stolen History”. The Year 7s were treated to a very interesting and entertaining talk about his new book, “Stolen History”,  which balanced the more serious aspects of the British Empire with some fun facts ( who knew […]

Chris Warburton Visit

On Wednesday, the BBC presenter Chris Warburton came in to speak to year 10 Media Studies students about his career in broadcasting and to give advice for students who may be considering a career in the media.   Chris spoke about his experiences as a radio presenter on BBC 5Live and the different events he […]

Science Club

This week’s Science Club was very special for two significant reasons… the first was that we had planned to build and fire air-launched rockets (which is always special fun!) and the second was that we were celebrating the 50th birthday of Dr Richard Lane! Dr Lane has been an intrinsic part of Wellington School’s Science […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 9th June 2023

Year 9 Maths trip to Alton Towers

Year 9 students had a fantastic time at Alton Towers on Thursday! They got to experience the first-hand effects of forces and acceleration as they were hurtled around various different rollercoasters. Those that rode Oblivion will have travelled at speeds of up to 110 km/h and experienced forces of up to 4.5G – that’s more […]

Trafford Athletics Competition

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of taking 60 girls to Longford park to compete in the annual Trafford School Athletics Competition. It was a lovely afternoon; the sun was shining and all girls who took part were outstanding. They represent Wellington in an excellent manner. A number of pupils came first in their race, Cerys […]

Warhammer Club

Tuesday 6th   With back-to-school blues hanging over Wellington the best way to beat the brain fog was to get some dice rolling! Joe Stockley challenged Mr Ashfield to a friendly match of 500pts forces in order to test out the newly tweaked tournament rules. Joe’s Tyranids were set to fight the barely-tested Wellington Space Marines!  […]

Community funded Solar PV project – Your opportunity to invest

We’ve joined forces with Greater Manchester Community Renewables (GMCR) a community benefit society, set up and run by volunteers to install community-owned renewable energy across Greater Manchester. By partnering with GMCR we aim to install here at Wellington School the largest community-owned solar array in Greater Manchester! GMCR raises funds through community shares and has already […]

Neve’s Fundraising

Neve Rawden in the Hive has raised over £3800 with her family in memory of her Dad. Neve wanted to make sure each side room on ward 12 at the Christies has either a television or radio and fan as this is something they did not have, she also wanted all staff at Christies to […]

Create Your Own Podcast

Pupils in Year 10 Media Studies took part in a ‘Create a Podcast’ workshop in lesson. The podcast industry is growing in popularity so it was fantastic to be introduced to this free resource from Spotify that anyone can use to create their own content.  Mrs Fletcher

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 26th May 2023

A roll-call of our English Heroes!

This is a shout-out to those students of English who go the extra mile, put in lots of elbow grease and shine like stars. Lots of figurative language for you all, there!  Mrs Simpson would like to celebrate Harrison Brookes for his increasingly mature approach to English, this has led to him making some excellent progress! […]

Year 8/9 Cricket

Year 8/9 Cricket beat BTH 123 runs to 98 All Out. All 11 players had a fantastic match but stand out performances need to go to Jamie Spencer and Will Gadsby. Both retired with the bat, Jamie smashing his 6’s early and Will playing a more conservative test match style nudge and run. Both had […]

Warhammer Club

What a week to end Warhammer Club’s half term! Through some clever pairing we managed to finish off the 9th Edition league so that every commander had played their full 6 matches and the points could be collected in by the Adeptus Mechanicus drones to be double checked for calculation errors and heresy.  There were […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 19th May 2023

STEM Olympics

On Monday 8 Year 9 students attended the STEM Olympics at the Grange School. They took part in a variety of STEM related activities including a rat dissection, rocket launching, crime scene investigation plus many more. All students did Wellington proud with their attitude and approach to the challenges throughout the day. The competition was […]

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

10Y1 have been studying Robert Louis Stevenson’s Gothic novella in their English lessons and exploring the concept of duality this term: the idea that we all have both good and evil within us! This week, I asked them to explore this theme in their homework, and I was blown away by the quality of their […]


Eco-committee have been collecting crisp packets with the intention of making them into blankets to give to homeless charities. So far, they have collected lots of crisp packets, cut them open and they are now washing each crisp packet before ironing them together into sheets to be donated. Hopefully this will be completed before the […]

Hive News

Neve Rawden in the Hive is creating personalised tote bags for students and staff. They will cost £2.50 and all profit made will go to charity. Neve will be working on this project until the end of summer. There will be order forms handed out to pupils and staff next week so you can choose […]

Mental Health Week May 15th – 21st 2023

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Week was ‘Anxiety’.  Ironically timed around the embarkment of the exam season.  Students had a tutor takeover session about anxiety, what it is, the causes, and how to maintain a healthy balance. A ‘Go Green’ uniform substitute was held in line with the national event to try to […]

French Exchange Trip

This week we have arrived back from our return leg of the French Exchange trip. The week has been absolutely packed full of amazing activities, so I will try and be as brief as possible!  We arrived at the school in Marcq-en-Baroeul (near Lille) on Tuesday to be welcomed with the Union flag flying alongside […]

Mary Poppins Auditions

Warhammer Club

As the league approaches its climax there was just a single game played this week – the much-anticipated showdown between Mr Ashfield’s Chaos and Mr Crabbe’s Drukhari. Both players as yet unbeaten and, with it being Mr Ashfield’s final league game, it was a chance for him to claim the honours of completing all his […]

GCSE and A Level Art Exhibition

Year 11 Football

What a fitting way to end our footballing journey together. Across the four years we have been together this team is a true rags-to-riches story. Winning the double last year to narrowly missing out on the league this but finishing with the Trafford Cup beating Urmston 2-0. It’s been an absolute pleasure seeing this team […]

Year 13 Language and Literature: bon chance!

Over the last two years, I have really enjoyed teaching my A Level Language and Literature students. Harry, Tala, Milan, Shaun, Jasmine, Betty, Jayda, Hannah, Jemima, Ruby, Abi, Stewart, Osama, Alex, Issy, Jenna, Emily and Imogen have been great company – in Transylvania with Dracula, in Venice and Cyprus with Othello, in Paris with a […]

Timperley FC Football Success

A huge well done to the Year 8 boys who play football for U13 Timperley FC Scorpions (Charlie Cain, Will Rodwell, Eddie Holt, Joshua Frain, Oliver Ernill and Joseph Tan). The team did the double (league and cup) in Division 1 (top division). This has not been achieved at U13’s since stats began in 2015. […]

U14 Hockey

On Friday 5th May the boys and girls U14 teams played in the England Hockey’s first State Schools festival in Nottingham. With help from Mr Moss and Mr Wilkins we travelled down and played 6 games against schools from all over England. Both teams topped their pool but found trouble ahead. Both teams played fantastically well […]

Warhammer Club

Battle hour this week was a more casual affair as a number of players had not brought in their models for…reasons. On the casual end, Joseph Stockley and Jasper Welton had given up their lunchtime to prepare an introductory game for one of the Year 7s who repaid them poorly by never showing up! In […]

Year 11 Netball

On Thursday the Year 11 Girls played their final and farewell game of Netball for Wellington in a friendly against BTH. The talented bunch took to the court one final time as the original A team that formed in Year 7 5 years ago, bringing home the win for one last time… as usual. The […]

Creative Writing Success

Huge congratulations to Year 10’s Martha Adams, whose short horror story, ‘Not Alone’ was a winning entry in a creative writing competition to find the best short stories in the Manchester area.  Martha entered the competition (run by Sale bookshop, Get Free Books), which asked adults and young people to write a narrative related to a bookshop […]

Passion for Fashion

We have been contacted by Lion TV who are casting a new series for CBBC about sustainable fashion and are looking for young designers aged 10-14 years old.  In each episode the aim is to see young creative minds come together to create bold and colourful outfits reusing, re-claiming and upcycling fabulous fashion by using only vintage, second-hand & sustainable materials. You don’t have to be confident […]

Warhammer Club

Due to a number of extenuating factors over the last fortnight the Warhammer Club newsletter has been put on the back burner despite the Tuesday League games going full steam ahead. Catch up on all the gory detail below!  Tuesday 18th April  Three battles were fought today, heralding one of the first clashes between two […]

Shivam Nayar 9GGS

Huge Congratulations to Shivam who plays National League basketball for Manchester Magic. Last weekend they had their final fours and they won so now are the U14s National League Champions! Well done to Shiv and all his teammates on this amazing achievement. Mr Crooks  

Ellie England 8AHN

Congratulations to Ellie who made her U13 Greater Manchester County Netball Team debut at Bedfordshire tournament last weekend.  Ellie played Goal Shooter and Goal Attack and they won the tournament bringing home gold medals.  Mrs Hill

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 28th April 2023

Alterman Building

On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of being visited by Ike Alterman. Ike is a Holocaust survivor. His Fed My Voice life book, which chronicles his life before, during and after the Second World War and includes detailed recollections of his time as a prisoner of four Concentration Camps, has inspired the History Department to […]

English theatre trip: ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’

On Wednesday, Miss Hitchens I took 28 Year 9 students to the Royal Exchange Theatre for a fantastic new production of Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The year group have lately studied dramatic realism and a play contemporary to Williams’: A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller. Ostensibly, the plays seem […]

Book Fair

We have had the Scholastic book fair in the LRC all this week, a wide selection of HALF PRICE fiction and non-fiction books for staff and students to purchase. There is still many a bargain to be had as it is here for most of next week; please bring in cash if you wish to […]

MEM Maths Challenges

A massive well done to all those students who took part in the February half-term MEM Maths Challenges.   A special mention must be given to Bernard and Nia for achieving merit of participation awards in the Senior and Year7/8 Challenges respectively, and being invited to a presentation evening at Liverpool University – an achievement they […]

Year 7 Field Trip to Timperley and Altrincham

On Tuesday, the Year 7s completed their first local fieldwork activity with the Geography Department. The students were investigating the Settlement Hierarchy. Before setting off, they established their hypotheses. They needed to decide which settlement will have the greatest range of shops and services, and therefore will be the most popular. The students walked to […]

Year 8/9 Girls Football

TRAFFORD CHAMPIONS!! A massive well done to the Year 8/9 girls football team who beat Sale Grammar 5-4 in a nail biting game last night. The girls came back from 2-1 down at half time, to take the win 5-4! The night saw goals from Leah Johnson x 3, Cerys Smith x 1 and Esme […]

Year 9 Girls Football

On Tuesday, the Year 9 girls’ football team had their final of the Greater Manchester Cup against Wright Robinson. Unfortunately, the girls lost 6-1 but they put up a great fight. They played some fantastic football throughout the game but were up against a tough team. This isn’t the end of the road for the […]

Jensen Clarke 7SHG

Thank you to Mrs Robinson for sharing this great news this week. “Jensen is in an Elite Competitive Acrobatics Men’s Pair (where he trains 12 to 14 hours a week in Birkenhead). After breaking his elbow and having major surgery before Christmas he and his partner Joe have had the biggest mountain to climb to […]

French Exchange

We said goodbye to our French friends on Thursday 30th March after a week packed full of trips, lessons, social gatherings outside of school and a final farewell party in school on Wednesday evening, where we enjoyed a bring and share meal and shared stories of our experiences during the week.  Monday was the English students’ chance […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 31st March 2023

Year 10 Interviews

As part of our programme of continuing Careers Advice and Guidance, Year 10 students were put through their paces this week as they took part in a face-to-face interview. Students were matched to an interviewer from a wide variety of employment sectors based on the information they gave when writing an application form a few […]

Berlin Trip March 2023

35 Year 10 GCSE students and 5 Year 12 A level students went on a 4-day visit to Berlin this week. We stayed in the Hotel Transit Loft in the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin. Visits included a walking tour of Berlin, which included walking to the Museum Island, the book burning memorial at Bebelplatz, […]

Year 11 Boys Football

On Thursday we played Ashton on Mersey in our final league game. We played really well despite having four out injured. The teamwork and togetherness of the group is really special and saw us win 3-2. Lots playing out of position but did their job for the team. This has meant they have finished second […]

Year 7 Girls Football

The girls went to play Sale Grammar on Monday on a game that would be pivotal in the fight for the league championship. Isla Dugdale-Reed and Nia Roberts put us 2-0 up but two quick fire goals from our mistakes meant the game finished 2-2. But good enough to see us LEAGUE WINNERS.  Mr Tomlinson

LRC Update

Well done to Kavelle (Year 7), Anna (Pictured, Year 8) and Megan (Year 9) for borrowing the most books this term. Hope you have enough to read over the Easter holidays! It is the Yoto Carnegie book award time of year again; seven young adult fiction books are on the shortlist and the winner will […]

Warhammer Club

This week in Warhammer Club we had a few absences for Tuesday’s Battle Hour due to a number of factors such as students speaking to the School Council and teachers on training, so there were no official League games played. In the two friendly matches that went on, Mr Brownbill’s Tyranids took on Colum Parker’s […]

English Half-Term Heroes

At the end of each half-term, every member of the English department nominates their ‘Half-Term Hero’ from all of the students that they teach. Each Hero is selected for their demonstration of the attributes that make them successful learners. They receive a certificate, a badge and a place on our Wall of Fame to recognise their achievements. […]

PE Extra-Curricular

We have had another successful year so far with our Football and Netball teams – here are our current positions in cup competitions and league places and this week’s below. Football Trafford League Year 7 2nd in Trafford League (if Sale G win remaining fixtures) Year 8 3rd in Trafford League Year 9 Trafford league […]

Trafford Hockey Tournaments

Over the past week there have been 3 hockey tournaments. We have entered a boys’ and girls’ team into each one! Congratulations to the Year 9 boys and girls hockey teams who took part on Wednesday. The boys came 2nd with Oliver Edge receiving man of the tournament from Zac Bangee who kindly led the […]

Hive Garden Willow Tee-Pee

The green fingered members of the Estates Team have planted and weaved their magic in the Hive garden following step by step instructions and created a living willow tee-pee for the students to enjoy. This 2-meter diameter willow dome was bought from The Willow Bank and arrived on Tuesday and after settling for 48 hours […]

Geography Club

This half term the students of Geography Club have been enjoy a range of Geography themed games such as Ticket to Ride and watching Geography themed films such as Ice Age. Today Sophie and Georgia organised a Geography Quiz with rounds on flags and country outlines. Thank you very much for a fantastic quiz. Geography […]

Year 10 Maths Feast

On Tuesday 28th March, eight of our keen Year 10 mathematicians took part in the Maths Feast AMSP (Advanced Maths Support Programme) event at Manchester University.  Wellington School regularly attends this team event which gives students the opportunity to engage in a 2.5-hour session of fun problem solving.   The general consensus amongst the students was that they […]

English Careers

This is the latest careers bulletin from the English department. Take a look at some of the many careers where studying English can take you.  Miss F Spencer

Young Interpreters Scheme 

With the wonderful range of languages spoken by our School community, 100 Year 7-10 pupils were keen to train as Young Interpreters with Miss Hitchens, Mrs Soldiew and Miss Tijani on Tuesday.  Pupils completed four training sessions which explored empathising with pupils who speak English as an additional language, learning how to be a buddy […]

Friends of Pickering Lodge Park

The Friends of Pickering Lodge Park invite you to join them for their gardening and tidy up sessions this year. All the dates are below and there is a session on Saturday 8th April between 10.30 and 12. Everyone is welcome, just turn up and meet by the picnic tables.

Isabelle’s Trip to Uganda

Isabelle recently visited Uganda after raising money for Ugandaid – here is her report from the trip. To find out more about the charity visit the Ugandaid website where you can read the entire blog from the trip and more about how to sponsor a child.

U13 Dodgeball Regional Champions

Yes, you read it right – Dodgeball – we started a Dodgeball club about 8 weeks ago (driven by our students) and Mrs Davidson entered us into the Secondary Schools Regional Championships. We have a core group of students who play outside of school and some other students trying it for the first time. Having […]

Holocaust Survivor Talks

On Wednesday, three Holocaust survivors came into School to speak to Year 12 pupils about their experiences of the Holocaust: Anne Super, Marianne Phillips and Gisela Feldman. We’re very lucky to work closely with the Jewish Fed and, as a result of this, 12 Year 12 pupils have been selected to become Guardians of the […]

Year 9 Netball

This week was the Year 9B and Year 9A end of season Trafford Netball tournaments. On Tuesday 9B had a great evening and really came together as a strong team as the games went on. Finishing in 3rd place, the team came away with a win, multiple draws and two loses to AGGS and Loreto. A […]

Hive Easter Market

Hive pupils have been working hard this term in mini enterprise, preparing for their Easter market. We will be selling different products such as chocolate treats and hand painted decorations. All profit made will go towards the charity Papyrus. The market will be open on… Wednesday 29th March at 2.30-3.30 in the Hive (staff and […]

Warhammer Club

French Exchange

On Thursday this week we welcomed 30 French students in school. Their Wellington partners were very excited to meet them after communicating with them for a while. We have lots planned over the next week, including a trip to Liverpool to visit the Beatles Story. The French students have really enjoyed attending lessons with their […]

PE Extra-Curricular Results


Year 13 REP Inter-Faith Forum

Year 13 A Level Religion, Ethics and Philosophy students attended a Zoom dialogue hosted by the Inter-faith forum. We heard from Ben, a Zen Buddhist, and Micah, a secondary school teacher who identifies as both Catholic and Jewish. Students asked some fantastic questions, such as “how does meditation benefit you?”, “do you lean more towards […]


Sadly, it was our last lesson with Hannah this week. All the students have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the culture of Brazil and Portugal. Hannah’s knowledge and experience, of life in Brazil have been inspiring. However, this week she brought a ‘taste of Portugal’ with her; ‘Pastel de nata’. This is a traditional Portuguese pastry best […]

Wellington’s Second Primary Day of Languages!

Today we have welcomed pupils from St Vincent’s, Navigation, The Willows and Cloverlea Primary Schools to share our love of languages! Our very talented Wellington students have been teaching them a little bit of a language they speak; many of which are home languages. These include Ukrainian, Albanian, Greek, Tamil, Cantonese and many more! We […]

International Pi Day

Students celebrated International Pi Day on Tuesday 14th March (3/14 when using the American date format). They took part in a teacher treasure hunt where over 50 members of staff were wearing digits of pi around school. In addition, our winner of the pi recital competition was Stephanos Farquharson who was able to say pi to […]

Shakespeare Schools Festival

On Wednesday this week 24 students from Year 8, 9 and 10 took part in the Shakespeare Schools Festival, a national event where students of all ages and abilities perform a 30-minute version of a Shakespeare play on a professional stage.  On the back of last year’s spectacular Romeo and Juliet, this year we opted […]

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

As a school we have taken part in Neurodiversity Celebration Week. This involved a tutor takeover in which students were shown a presentation explaining neurodiversity and the challenges that many young people who are neurodivergent can face; but also celebrating our differences. We have ended the week with students and staff wearing a brightly coloured […]

GCSE Drama Exam

The GCSE students completed their final practical examination this week, the visiting examiner watched an array of different extracts from ‘Shakers’ by John Godber to ‘Find Me’ by Olwen Wymark to name a few. The students have spent the last 12 weeks preparing two extracts from their chosen plays. The student’s commitment and dedication has […]

Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 10th March 2023