Transition (New Year 7)

You are in! 

Welcome to Wellington! 

We are so pleased you are going to be joining us. 

Meet the KS3 Team:

Over the Summer term your child will:

Get a Primary School visit 

From someone from the KS3 Team who will come into your School to say hello! We will also talk to your teachers to find out all about you! 

Attend New Pupil day on Thursday 4th July 

We invite all new students who will be joining us for the first time to a settling-in day, filled with fun activities to help you get to know the School site. You will get to know your Form Tutor and group and eat in the canteen. Our T-Buddies (Transition Buddies) and Year 10 mentors will be there to meet you too. 

Extra New Pupil day (Wednesday 3rd July)

We also have additional sessions for those of you that may need a bit more help (it can be scary- we know).

For some of you, transitioning from Primary School can be scary and overwhelming so we do a smaller new pupil day the day before the main one.

You can also do as many visits as you need, and we will be posting lots of videos on the website so you can “see” the School from home. Please do not worry! 

For parents:

We have New Pupil Parents evening (Monday 1st July) 

A chance to hear from The Headteacher – Mr Beeley and other key members of the Key Stage 3 team. Held in the Adshead Hall. 

Year 7 Transition Pupil Booklets








How to help your Child:

Please also find some guidance here about how to help your child prepare for this big (but exciting!) life-event.

If you have any concerns, please email