Young Interpreters Scheme 

With the wonderful range of languages spoken by our School community, 100 Year 7-10 pupils were keen to train as Young Interpreters with Miss Hitchens, Mrs Soldiew and Miss Tijani on Tuesday. 

Pupils completed four training sessions which explored empathising with pupils who speak English as an additional language, learning how to be a buddy for new pupils and coming up with ideas for how we can further enhance the Wellington experience for our pupils. 

All of the ideas generated will be turned into an action plan by Miss Hitchens over Easter, who has already got a feeling that there are going to be some wonderful ideas to implement.  

All pupils involved earned a certificate, pencil and badge at ‘graduation’; what was particularly lovely though was to hear the anecdotes of how so many pupils have helped others this year as well as the hotly-contested competition in the room as to who could speak the most languages! Can you believe we have some pupils who can speak SEVEN?!

I look forward to working with this team of pupils after the Easter break! 

Miss Hitchens