Year 9 Science & Technology Challenge Day, University of Manchester

On Tuesday, 12 of our best Year 9 Scientists took part in a series of challenging activities held at the School of Computer Sciences at the University of Manchester. The students worked in mixed groups with other schools from across Greater Manchester to carry out tasks exploring different parts of STEM, including building and racing electric cars and programming robotics. In the forensics activity, students practised using e-fit software to form an image to help capture a ‘criminal’ in our midst – a fellow teacher pretending to steal a mobile phone while the group were distracted! Our pupils particularly enjoyed the medicine session run by current medical students – working through a patient case study discussing the various stages of care from diagnostics, through to tests, and then to finally curing their disease. Also, in this session the students could practise their CPR skills and learn what to do in a crisis. Our students worked hard and behaved impeccably throughout, and have hopefully come away from the day more inspired to pursue a career in STEM!

Dr McMahon