Year 9 Geography Trip

What an amazing week we’ve had travelling around the Dorset coastline with a fabulous group of Year 9 students. We left Wellington on Sunday morning for Osmington PGL Centre. The schedule was jam packed! During the day, we visited well known destinations along the Jurassic coast, including Lyme Regis, Old Harry’s Rocks and Durdle Door. At each destination, they practised fieldwork techniques, such as measuring beach profiles and drawing field sketches. After each day trip, they returned to the centre to have a go at some of the fantastic on-site activities on offer. The Giant Swing, Capture the Flag and dragon boat racing were some of their favourites.

The students were brilliant and their energy level was relentless! They were keen to give everything on offer a go and thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. We are so proud of their focus, drive and enthusiasm for what we had planned. They really are an asset to the school.

Well done Year 9! We hope you had a brilliant time and have created lasting memories.

Miss Hennessey, Mr Whitaker, Mr Crooks and Mr Cropper

Here’s what the students thought…            

The trip was so fun! We had the best time doing lots of activities such as giant swing and dragon boat racing! We also went to see coastal landmarks and we did some coastal management on the beach! In the evenings, we did lots of fun games and overall the trip was an amazing experience!

Sophie, Year 9

Amazing. That’s the only word that came to mind when I thought about this trip! It was activity filled, including evening games. As well as having loads of fun, we learnt about rock formations and erosion and coastal management. Probably my favourite thing we did was dragon boat racing, being on the water rowing as a team. Overall it was an amazing trip and everyone just wishes it was longer, we loved it!

Jodie, Year 9

I really enjoyed going to PGL in Dorset because it’s a beautiful area of the country! We went to Lulworth cove, Old Harry Rocks, Lyme Regis and Durdle Door! But we also did loads of really fun activities like dragon boat racing and going on a giant swing as well as learning loads about the local area! The staff were really friendly and the rooms were nice and clean. The food was mostly good but the best part of the trip was definitely exploring Dorset!

Hannah, Year 9

I really enjoyed the trip it was fun and I loved the dragon boat racing and PGL are an amazing team that look after everyone and I loved the games at night.

Harvey, Year 9

My favourite part about the geography trip was the dragon boat racing. This was because it was very fun and had teamwork involved. I also enjoyed going to Old Harry’s Rocks and learning about how they change over time. I enjoyed all parts of the trip and it was a great experience. Thanks

Sophie, Year 9