Year 9 Borders of Conflict

On Monday and Tuesday this week, to coincide with Refugee Week, the whole of Year 9 had the opportunity to spend most of the day off timetable learning about conflicts all around the world with both the Geography and History departments. The week began with an excellent assembly from guest speaker Maha, who gave a very personal account of refugees fleeing from conflict. The students were all very engaged and listened incredibly maturely to a very sensitive topic.

Students then had the opportunity to move around classrooms working with different pairings of Geography and History teachers and learning about the Geographical and Historical causes of different conflicts and uncovering the ‘Geopolitics’ of these various regions. Lots of the students demonstrated very knowledgeable thoughts and explanations of a series of very current conflicts, demonstrating their excellent effort throughout the day.

As the final part of the day, students then worked in groups to develop plans as to how the Wellington School Community might work to try and help and support the refugees that are fleeing from the conflicts they had been studying. The level of engagement during this final task was exceptional and staff were incredibly impressed with the conscientious approach of many of our students. Well done Year 9!

Mr May