Year 7 Residential Trip

This week, we took our Year 7 students away to the Conwy Centre in Anglesey for the first time in Wellington history. 

The Year 7 students were amazing, impressing both our staff but more importantly the centre staff. “On time, respectful and uber resilient” was a comment on the final day.

The students did a range of bushcraft, art, land and water options on a rotation. They managed to visit the shop (sorry if some tack came home) and did some evening activities on top of social time. The best thing was seeing them socialise with different students in their group and also socialise at meal times. The atmosphere was vibrant. 

It was great for us to get to know our Year 7 cohort better and we have the makings of a fabulous year group. 

A tiring and tough trip but very successful with lots of laughs and smiles. 

The Year 7 students have convinced us to make the trip a regular for future Year 7 groups.

Mr Tomlinson

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