Year 7 Chester Zoo Trip

This Friday we took almost the whole of Year 7 to Chester Zoo, and despite the cold weather they had an amazing experience! We set off on three double-decker coaches and managed to get all of the students in by half past 10, even those who had made an illicit ‘detour’ through the gift shop on the way to the ticket barriers.

The teachers have reported impeccable behaviour from the students that they saw during the day and passed on many lovely comments from the zoo staff about the politeness shown by the students that they spoke to.

At the end of the day, the students managed themselves exceptionally well to get the entrance at 1:30 and lined up like they were at a military drill square. We got back to school in good time and everyone got to go home on the bell. What a day!

Any students that have misplaced their activity sheet can get a replacement from the announcement I have sent on classcharts.

Mr Ashfield & Ms Ayub