Year 7 Buddy Club

This year, we have been delighted to welcome a number of Cantonese and Mandarin-speaking pupils to Wellington. Always aware of the potential additional needs of our pupils, particularly those relatively new to the UK let alone the School, a group of Year 12 students proposed the idea to run a Buddy Club where pupils could ask questions, get help with school work, make new friends as well as have lots of fun through activities and games.

Our Year 12s have run the inaugural Buddy Club this year and now look to hand the baton on to some of our Young Interpreters who will run the club as the girls move on to prepare for their A Levels next year.

We had a little party this week to acknowledge this and it was the Y7s opportunity to say ‘Thank You’, ‘谢谢’, and ‘多謝。’ to Jing Wen Lin, Ace Doyle, Olivia Williamson, Scarlett Davies-Collins and Miwa Bailey for their time and effort this year!

Miss Hitchens