Year 13 Language and Literature: bon chance!

Over the last two years, I have really enjoyed teaching my A Level Language and Literature students. Harry, Tala, Milan, Shaun, Jasmine, Betty, Jayda, Hannah, Jemima, Ruby, Abi, Stewart, Osama, Alex, Issy, Jenna, Emily and Imogen have been great company – in Transylvania with Dracula, in Venice and Cyprus with Othello, in Paris with a sea of faces: they’ve had a go, got stuck in and produced some great work!

Here they all are in their last ‘official’ lesson – collaborating, thinking hard, asking good questions, working through their problems. They are a resilient bunch, and I know that even if a dreaded question comes up on Quincy Morris they will rise to the occasion and make me proud.

Best of luck to you all!

Ms C Spencer-Cruise