Year 11 Netball

On Thursday the Year 11 Girls played their final and farewell game of Netball for Wellington in a friendly against BTH. The talented bunch took to the court one final time as the original A team that formed in Year 7 5 years ago, bringing home the win for one last time… as usual. The five-time Trafford Champions, have gone from strength to strength over the years, as well as dominating in the Trafford league they have played in Greater Manchester against some fierce competitors and travelled around the North West to compete in the Sister n Sport Cup. A large majority of the group have gone to take GCSE PE, using Netball as one of their practical sports and have all scored excellent marks. As well as being a fabulous on the court, this group are full of personalities and have had many laughs. It has been an absolute pleasure to coach and be a part of this team and they will all be missed! 

Miss Kelly