Year 10 Practice Interviews

“To say that our Year 10 students thrived under pressure on Wednesday and Thursday would be something of an understatement” writes Mr Holt. “As a key part of our careers programme students have been preparing for a practice interview for some time. Before Easter they completed an application form which covered hobbies and interests, skills and qualities and GCSE subjects studied. These were used to match each student to an appropriate employer who would then put them through their paces.

This meant that we have welcomed 36 professionals from fields as broad as health, law and manufacturing, and companies as wide ranging as United Utilities, the Irish Guards, IBM and Network Rail.

We had prepared students in advance on the subtleties of interview technique and the nuances of body language and eye-contact, but despite this there were plenty of nerves on show. It became quickly apparent, however, that these would be short-lived as students settled into their interviews and grew into their role.

Following each interview, visiting professionals compiled a critique of each student and individual feedback will be shared with students over the next couple of weeks. One thing is for certain though – judging by the number of compliments about manners, enthusiasm and aspiration offered by our volunteers, Year 10 were fabulous!”