Year 10 Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday Year 10 attended an assembly to recognise the hard work put in over the last 12 months, by our Bronze award winners.

Last year saw the largest number of Duke of Edinburgh award participants that Wellington School has ever seen; A total of 171 students participated in the scheme!

The journey started in early February with after school training sessions in the Vale Hall, concentrating on route planning and navigational skills. The participants then perfected those skills during orienteering days at Wythenshawe Park.

Then came the expedition. The large cohort was split into half and the two expeditions were completed in late April and early May last year. The first day was a 12 km walk through the beautiful countryside of the Rivington area, just north of Manchester. This was followed by overnight camping and a second 12 km walk on the final day.

Both expeditions had their own challenges, the first being very wet overnight and during the walk with the second having brilliant sunshine and high temperatures. All of the walkers coped amazingly well with the conditions. Every group was assessed on their navigation, teamwork and campcraft skills – they passed with flying colours. Everyone involved put in a great deal of effort to pass this section and they should remember for a long time what they achieved over the two days.

At the same time, a large number of the participants were working on the other three areas of their award; the volunteering, physical and skills sections. They participated in a wide range of activities.

Volunteers were coaching younger children at local sports clubs and dance schools. They were helping at charity shops, Brownie and Guides troops and also litter picking in the local area.

Football, hockey, dance, and running were popular activities used to complete the physical section. Climbing, tennis, going to the gym and hiking also featured highly.

To finish the skills section, an amazing range of activities were carried out. From beekeeping to Warhammer club, from improving artistic skills to learning to play a musical instrument. Other students learnt to crochet, attended first aid club and became expert chefs! We were so impressed with the variety of tasks performed.

After all this hard work Bronze certificates and badges were handed out to a grand total of 83 award winners. They should be extremely proud. The dedication and commitment they have shown over the past year has been a real credit to them all.

It has been a pleasure to be involved.

A big thanks to all the staff who volunteered their time to make this year such a success for our young people.

Dr Lane and Mr Eckersley