Wellington Alumni – Kyle Lambert

I had my annual meet up with a past Wellington student recently.  Kyle Lambert studied D&T Graphics at Wellington in the early 00’s.  Even as a student Kyle was pushing the envelope in terms of what was possible with 3D digitally illustrated outcomes experimenting with the use of Adobe Photoshop.  Aside from his GCSE work, I remember an occasion where Kyle volunteered to assist with the production of a document to be used by the students where he scanned and digitalised multiple photographic images to turn a team of teachers into a comic strip.      

If you’ve read the school website elsewhere or googled his name you’ll know that Kyle is based in Los Angeles and has designed some truly iconic artwork for famous franchises and movie studios.  Kyle’s work is now global – even when he returns to see his family in Timperley and visits the local Tesco he’ll see his artwork on merchandise such as books, comics, apparel.  It just goes to show – with hunger, desire and a willingness to work hard and develop it’s amazing what can be achieved from following your passion.  Who’d have thought all those years ago experimenting with scanning and image editing would lead Kyle down the path to doing what he does currently!? A great example for Wellington students on why you should never give up on your dreams…. you never know what’s around the corner. 

Mr Travis