Warhammer Club News & Thursday Night Battle Hour Reports: Thursday 1st December 2022

Busy searching for a powerful magical artefact in the ruins of an abandoned fort, Captain Bribarro pricked his ears at the sound of an alarm from one of his state troops; orcs were nearby and moving swiftly for a delve in the nearby hillside! Whether these green brutes had tracked his search party carefully for hours, or they had acquired a more accurate map made no difference now as the race was on to secure the treasure!

Cadence Williamson was in command of the greenskins and Mr Ashfield faced off against them with the Welly Empire force in a 250pts game of capture the flag. The empire seemed to take an early lead with quick manoeuvring towards the single objective while the orcs bunched up and stumbled over each other through a small gap between two walls, easy pickings for the empire handgunners who totally fumbled the opportunity to cause significant wounds.

It was Cadence who took the initiative on the second turn, charging her unit of brute orcs across the objective and smashing into the Empire halberdiers, killing two and leaving the last one stunned on the floor while they turned around to search the area for the artefact. Being within reach of the objective, they immediately took control of it. A would-be glorious charge from one of the Empire knights was not enough to intimidate the orcs away from the treasure, leaving Cadence to secure her victory. By the time the rest of the Empire force had scaled the hillside, the greenskins were nowhere to be seen and there was nothing left to do but to bury the dead, tend to the wounded, and start the long march back to Altrinchdorf.

Mr Brownbill