Warhammer Club

This week in Warhammer Club we had a few absences for Tuesday’s Battle Hour due to a number of factors such as students speaking to the School Council and teachers on training, so there were no official League games played. In the two friendly matches that went on, Mr Brownbill’s Tyranids took on Colum Parker’s Space Marines in a very hands-on masterclass on effective tactics. Colum left with a head full of ideas about building new lists and I am intrigued as to what he will bring back after Easter!

On the second table Jasper Welton tried out his Grey Knights (now painted grey which has improved them no end!) against Mr Crabbe’s infamous Dark Eldar. Although Mr Crabbe lost his psychopathic warlord to Jasper’s Chapter Master, the rest of the Grey knights were quickly dispatched in return. The Grey Knights codex is thick with complex stratagems to use so I expect to see Jasper going from strength to strength with this new force as he practises with them.




























On Thursday we had another brilliant modelling session! Grace Hardington returned and got stuck into painting up some Mordor Orcs in lurid green (under the tutelage of Joseph Stockton) and Jasper made more progress painting up his horde of unfinished guardsmen (rapidly transforming into a horde of painted minis)!

Daniel Harding was back and focused on learning all that he could about how to build his first 9th edition Space Marine list so that he can join in our games as soon as possible after Easter. We pointed him towards the codex and using our helpful club templates to work out a viable force for the tabletop. Look forward to seeing you in battle soon, Daniel!

Mr Ashfield