Warhammer Club

With parents evening over with on Wednesday, the way was free for old grudges to be settled and new armies put to the test. Two games were played with a fresh mix of commanders: Jasper Welton (Imperial Guard) vs. Joseph “Hive Mind” Stockley (Tyranids), and Luka Taylor (Death Corps of Krieg) vs. Colum Parker (Space Marines). Both games were played under the pressure of Mr Morfee’s chess clocks and each player had 30 minutes to secure as many objectives on the battlefield as possible.

Game 1 resulted in a win for the Tyranids as some unlucky rolls for Jasper saw him unable to stop the rolling tide of teeth advance across the table and into his troops, claiming objectives as they went.

Game 2 saw a much more aggressive play from Luka than usual, as he embarked his guardsmen into an aircraft and screamed them up the table to an objective on turn 2, only to find that Colum had left him no room to jump out and so he was unable to challenge the deciding objective controlled by Colum. Colum took his new terminator squad out for a ride, but despite shrugging off a direct hit from a Leman Russ Vanquisher cannon they were unable to Deep Strike close enough to do any damage before time ran out. After some smart play on both sides and learning points taken on board for next time, Colum took the victory with 2 points to Luka’s 1.

Both pairs of generals shook hands and accepted their victory/grieved their loss and plans are afoot for rejoining battle after half term!