Warhammer Club

Due to technical issues there were no photos from the club this week but several of the members were busy on Thursday with various aspects of the wargaming hobby!

Michael Sandbach has continued to build members for the club’s Tau Kill Team – these are now primed and ready for painting next week!

Louis Wolfenden has made his first appearance at Warhammer club and seems to be a veteran gamer already! We look forward to seeing Louis join us regularly and see his 900pts collection of Ad Mech models. For the Omnissiah!

In Thursday Battle Hour we held a practice game for the upcoming League, using 9th Edition rules. The two games were between Luka Taylor and Joseph Stockley (Death Corp of Krieg vs Tyranids), and Mr Crabbe against Jasper Welton (Drukhari vs Astra Militarum). Both games saw increasing use of the more complex strategems from their army lists and the first use of chess clocks to keep track of time.

Congratulations to Mr Brownbill and his family who have added another baby to their brood! 

Mr Ashfield & Mr Crabbe