Warhammer Club

Dice were once again rolling in competitive gaming at Wellington.

Luka Taylor and Jacob Somerville brought the might of the Imperium against itself. Space Marines and Imperial Guard clearly has some disagreement over how a sector should be managed and the typically 41st millennia approach was to settle things through strength of arms.

The two forces both decided on a mechanised backbone with heavily armed and armoured vehicles lumbering through the dilapidated urban decay of a once proud city. Infantry remained cautious and entrenched on both sides with the plucky Guardsmen pulling off some sneaky moves into cover to claim an objective, whilst the Marines stood firm at a distance to claim their own rewards.

At the end of a cagey affair, objectives and points were equal with the victory eventually being decided by the lack of paint on a Rhino transport vehicle (as extra points are available for fielding a fully painted army) and the narrow 3-2 victory went to Luka.

On the other side of the room, a three-way conflict erupted as the might of our own Welly Marines (controlled by Dennison Poon) clashed with a filthy Chaos Nurgle horde (Charlie Green) and a rampaging Ork mob (Noah Hobson-Middleton) simultaneously.


Although this was technically a “friendly” match as no tournament points were up for grabs, the battle itself was anything but friendly. With the fast pace of alternating players turns, the Orks performed their typically Orky tactic of charging headlong towards the enemy without a second thought. The Nurgle throng, keen to inflict their unsavoury pestilence on their opponents, also marched forward with both forces claiming early objectives. In an outright betrayal of their vows to the Emperor, the Welly Marines decided that cowering amongst the ramshackle buildings was their best option, rather than take on the heretical forces advancing upon them. Eventually the genetically enhanced warriors were motivated (by virtue of much mocking) to enter the fray and all 3 forces converged on objectives to scrap it out.


As the dust settled, despite taking heavy losses the Chaos and Ork armies had control of an objective each to claim a joint victory, whilst the delayed enthusiasm from the Marines meant their only objective remained contested with no points allocated. There will, of course, be a full inquisitorial enquiry into why the mightiest warriors in the galaxy behaved in such a cowardly manner, and the punitive measures that will surely follow will probably include the painful insertion of new, more robust spines.

Mr Crabbe