Warhammer Club

Warhammer Club remained busy in on Thursday lunchtimes right up to the end of term! Students have been working on a variety of their own projects, and some have even moved onto making scenery pieces for the club to use in our wargaming terrain! 

Here is a quick wrap-up of what was going on: 


Jensen Boyd has been working away regularly on a Thursday lunch and has made great progress with this very macabre skullmaster! Jensen has even added his own mini skulls to the model to make sure the warrior is never without something to talk to on his travels! 


Charlie Green has finally brought one of his models in to show, and we are really impressed with the paint job! Keep going Charlie and you will have a great looking squad to marshal on the battlefield! 

Other clubbers that got stuck in included Jasper, Luka, Connor, Logan, Denniston, Saafi, Grace and Layton! Grace has done an especially good job on painting up her first mountain piece. 

We did manage to get a game in on the last Friday after school – everyone was exhausted so Mr Ashfield, Jasper Welton and Luka Taylor just enjoyed throwing their models into the fray and rolling some dice to send out the Easter term. 

Make sure to speak with Mr Crabbe or Mr Ashfield if you are interested in Friday Battle Hour, because we will be a bit disrupted over the next few weeks due to the Bronze DofE expeditions. 

In other news, a little progress was made with our brand new boards (courtesy of the ineffable Mr Eckersley in the DT department) and we managed to surface four of them with sand and concrete effects. We will have to see what they look like once they have dried! 

Mr Crabbe & Mr Ashfield