Warhammer Club

Warhammer Club has maintained its busy streak over the last fortnight, particularly bolstered by the regular appearances of Jacob Somerville and Luka Taylor as they make progress towards their Bronze DofE. There were no games this week because Mr Ashfield unfortunately needed to leave school early but there were a pair of cracking games fought last Friday! 

Luka Taylor and Jacob Somerville were both raring to go after a top-up skills session the week before, and their two armies traded some heavy blows across the table. Despite Jacob’s improvements in leadership, Luka was still able to carry the day with the anti-tank guns wielded by his mighty Leman Russ tanks. 

On the next table Mr Ashfield faced off against Jasper Welton’s Astra Militarum. We were very fortunate to have received a kind donation from Joe Shields in Year 11 (ably assisted by Mrs Shields!), part of which was a fully functioning Death Guard army! After a lunchtime of frantic list-bashing, Mr Ashfield drew up his gribbly forces to fight for control of two trenches surrounding a key defence platform. Despite Jasper’s Blitzkrieg rush around the flanks with his mobile Kasrkin infantry, the putrid resilience of the plague marines was too much for the guard, and their attack faltered. More plague-zombies shambled towards this key melee and, with the rest of the guard army too far away to support, the Kasrkin failed to take the Death Guard positions resulting in a 2-0 victory to Mr Ashfield. 

Keep your eyes peeled for a new Warhammer League in the planning stages to be decided upon in the next half term! 

Mr Ashfield & Mr Crabbe