Warhammer Club

Warhammer Club managed to get straight back into the swing of things this year with two consecutive Friday Battle Hours and a busy club on Thursday lunchtimes! 

Luka Taylor has chosen to work on his miniature painting as a key Skill towards his Bronze DofE badge this year. He has started on the very ugly task of painting up the club’s 40K Orks army.  


After School this Friday we saw a full classroom of young wargamers, including the long lost Joseph “Hive Mind” Stockley, hauling his slavering denizens out of their weeks-long hibernation to feast again! Mr Ashfield and Jasper Welton got stuck into the Tyranids with the club Orks and Jasper’s Kasrkin 9th. By half past 4 we had still only managed a single turn, but plenty of dice were rolled and friendly banter exchanged. 

Jacob Somerville and Luka Taylor had a great battle; throwing tactics to the winds and shooting just about every gun in their collection across the table at one another. Good times!