Warhammer Club

Last Friday saw a busy room of wargaming in Mr Ashfield’s lab as four young commanders battled it out across two tables! Joseph Stockley returned to the action after a tour of duty in the Year 11 exam halls, fielding his Tyranids (untested in the new edition of Warhammer) against Jasper Welton’s Astra Militarum. Ben Meyers drew up battles lines with his impressively painted Space Marines against Saafi’s stalking Necron warriors. 


Joe’s Tyranids did not seem to have adapted to the new edition particularly well, and seemingly had no answer to Jasper’s Rogal Dorn tank – an absolute behemoth with more cannons and melta weapons than you could shake a stick at. In the end Jasper won some 40 points to Joe’s 20-something. It was good to see these veteran opponents enjoying a game again!  

On the second table, Ben and Saafi continued to develop their understanding of the rules, inflicting some casualties on both sides. As we had a timetable change, the game started later than expected and there was only time for a couple of turns each. Homework: Read the rules for your models and practise the usual sequence of a turn at home so that it starts to become second nature when you are playing! 





















At our club on Thursday we got some of the usual suspects in, including Grace Hardington, this being her third week of building and painting up her space marine. Grace is a fabulous artist and really tells a story with her painting; a splash of red on the weapon is a relic from previous battles, the green dabs on the base reminiscent of the beauty yet to be saved.  





















We managed to get our first game of One Page Rules played between a group of our new enthusiastic modellers-turned-generals, and now that they have seen a demonstration they are keen to come back next Thursday to earn honour on the battlefield! 

 Mr Ashfield