Warhammer Club

Members of Warhammer Club have started to settle in nicely as we draw to the end of the first half term. We got a good afternoon of gaming in last Friday, have a look at the photos starring Colum Parker who had a great time showing Ben Meyers just how unbelievably many guns he could fit onto his grav-tank… 

…and Jasper Welton had a whale of a time charging his huge 20-man infantry squad across the battlefield into close combat with Luka Taylor’s monstrous Baneblade tank! 

 In the club this week we had many busy hands as Isla, Anna and Cadence helped us to get the new army list booklets made up for use in games. 





















We had some keen painting going on with Connor working on his Orks and Goblins army, and some very dedicated painting going on at the quiet table. Charlie was not impressed to be disturbed! 

Mr Ashfield