Warhammer Club

Last week saw Room 29 full of young modellers again as Warhammer Club was in full swing! Two of our new Year 7 members, Saafi and Ben, completed their second demo game using Warhammer 40K 10th Edition rules. The boys decided that the battle was taking place on a formerly peaceful space marine colony, now gripped in a struggle for survival against an invading necron dynasty. Ben lead his small outrider force in a hit&run mission against a unit of Saafi’s deadly necron robots! Both sides traded shots, but the thick armour on the space marines, and alien living-metal of the necrons saved casualties on both sides from the hail of bullets. Ben was the first to score 5 victory points by holding a centre objective, until Saafi responded by charging his necrons into the space marine captain and cruelly cutting him down! The final score was a hard-fought draw with 5VP on both sides. 


In other developments, new starters to the club can now track their progress toward the heady heights of Club Veteran with this cool new booklet of achievement. Come get a free model, build and paint it and get stuck into rolling some dice for it in battles!  

Mr Ashfield