Warhammer Club

What a week to end Warhammer Club’s half term! Through some clever pairing we managed to finish off the 9th Edition league so that every commander had played their full 6 matches and the points could be collected in by the Adeptus Mechanicus drones to be double checked for calculation errors and heresy. 

There were four matches played after school this week; two on Tuesday and two on Thursday. We had Warhammer Club as normal on Thursday lunchtime too, and it was great to see some young faces after a long absence – Jack, Daksh, Jensen, Leo, and Finn were getting stuck into some painting. It was lovely to see Kseniia too, who has chosen a model to undercoat and bless with a new colour scheme after the half term break! 

Joe Stockley set out his entire army collection as a silent inspiration (or challenge?) to the newcomers. 


Battle Reports 

Space Marines vs Tyranids 

Joe Stockley and Colum Parker squared up on Tuesday, Colum fighting his last game and Joe still holding two games to go. Joe took the initiative in the first turn, using his giant living aircraft model to melt a pair of holes in Colum’s redemptory dreadnought, dashing his chances of an early win. Colum resolved to dig in and hold on, charging his terminator squad into the giant aliens, but they couldn’t turn the tide and in the end the Tyranids came out on top with a victory. 

 Death Corps of Krieg vs Astra Militarum 

Luka Taylor imperial forces fought their last battle of the league against Jasper Welton’s other imperial forces. Brother fought brother and tank bumped into tank, everyone probably being guided by malign chaos influences! Both generals were keen to test their new hellhound models in combat and by the end the board was strewn with burned and blasted bodies, Jasper’s manoeuvrability granting him control of objectives from

 Intro game – Welly Marines vs Chaos World Eaters 

Daniel Harding turned up for a proper intro game after school on Tuesday and wielded the power of the Warhammer Club’s Welly Marines against Mr Ashfield’s lovable Khorne berzerkers. Daniel has improved dramatically in his tactical awareness and his grasp of the core mechanics, and he inflicted significant casualties on the Chaos forces before they finally managed to close with one of his squads. Daniel needs to use his codex to produce a legal 500pts list over the half term break and he will definitely be ready to join with the student veterans in battle! 

 Astra Militarum vs Tyranids 

Thursday saw the final league game between the veteran commanders Jasper Welton and Joe Stockley. This was a stunning game to watch as both generals had a clear plan and the action was non-stop! Joe knew from the league table that he only needed to earn 3 victory points this game in order to place himself first overall. He made sure that every one of his models was painted and based to net him an automatic VP, and he knew that killing Jasper’s (almost) impregnable tank commander would give him the last two points that he needed to secure victory. Jasper knew that he needed to score as many victory points as possible to draw with 3rd place (10 in total) and so selected a very mobile army that could control the static objectives dotted around the map. 

Joe won the roll for the first turn and executed his plan with cold precision. His hive tyrant was equipped with the ridiculous shard gullet cannon which, coupled with the corrosive slime cannons on his overhead harpie, made short work of the armour on Jasper’s HQ tank and eliminated the crew in short order! Joe knew he had won the tournament at this stage and began a very modest victory dance. 

Undeterred, Jasper swallowed the first turn’s disaster and pressed forward toward the Tyranid horde. Despite the smoking hole in his ordnance that had once been his beloved tank commander, he moved his hellhound and kasrkin veterans into close range and let rip with his dedicated melta weapons. Awash with napalm from the hellhound tank’s flamethrower’s, the hive tyrant’s chitinous shell was weak enough to be vaporised by the pair of melta weapons carried by the infantry, and Jasper secured two victory points for revenging his commander’s death! 

Turn 2 revealed an oversight in Joe’s planning as his heavily armed aircraft zoomed straight off the board, unavailable to support the ground troops until the following turn, and Jasper capitalised on this by moving his forces still further up the board and eliminating the remaining hormogaunts with his flame cannons. 

Turn 3 netted Jasper an extra victory point due to the forward positions of his troops, and they were in the perfect position to gun down Joe’s harpie as it banked around and glid within range of his plasma guns.  

Both commanders played really well and were able to look back on their game with a critical eye, but after all of the points were added up the scores were 8-8 and declared a draw! Congratulations to both on an intense and exciting game! 

Mr Ashfield