Warhammer Club

Due to a number of extenuating factors over the last fortnight the Warhammer Club newsletter has been put on the back burner despite the Tuesday League games going full steam ahead. Catch up on all the gory detail below! 

Tuesday 18th April 

Three battles were fought today, heralding one of the first clashes between two student generals. Colum Parker’s Space Marines took on Luka Taylor’s Astra Militarum, both eager to show what they had learned in the meatgrinder missions against teacher armies in the past weeks. The second game was Joseph Stockley’s Tyranids trying to eat Mr Ashfield’s World Eaters, and Jasper Welton’s Astra Militarum faced off against Mr Crabbe’s Drukhari. 

Colum and Luka had a great time firing their largest ordnance and deepstriking terminators all over the battlefield. 


Mr Ashfield, having largely deployed a melee-only force, had little choice other than to ignore Joe’s giant flying gun platform as it melted entire infantry squads and instead had to focus his energy on capturing table objectives and chopping up hormogaunts. Joe made some fantastic rolls




and his hive tyrant eventually chased down and cornered the World Eaters Lord (heroically cowering behind a hill)!

 As with most Drukhari battles, which are either won or lost in the first couple of turns, this was an early bloodbath for the Imperials. Jasper made an aggressive start to capture as much of the table as he could, but when the melee-focused Drukhari appeared on various quarters out of thin air, they spelled out doom for the humans! Jasper played well and has notched another learning point onto the side of his artillery.  

Tuesday 25th April 

This week saw an almighty clash after school in Mr Ashfield’s room as three mighty battles were fought out between generals young and old. This was the first week to see a clash between two teachers in a league game, and students were left to manage themselves without the usual floating referee. 

Colum vs Jasper 

Colum brought his space marines to bear against Jasper Welton’s Astra Militarum, fighting to secure a large rocky outcrop in the name of the Emperor! Jasper won the roll for first turn and lost no time in blowing Colum’s dreadnought to smithereens with his tank commander. Colum soldiered on and tried to close in with his terminator squad, but it was too little, too late, and by the end his commander was left facing Jasper’s advancing army. Well played, both! 

Joseph vs Luka 

Luka Taylor’s Deathcorps of Krieg were pitted against Joe’s tyranids, including his beloved flying Harpie. Luka showed a lot of tactical nouse from the beginning of the battle, including some very strategic placement of his battle tank. Both generals played well and showed a great deal of sportsmanship but in the end it was Joe’s manoeuvrability that won him a slight edge in victory points.  

Mr Brownbill vs Mr Ashfield 

In the first teacher vs teacher battle of the league, Mr Brownbill’s tournament-winning Crusher Stampede tyranid list were raring to go against Mr Ashfield’s plucky Khorne Berzerkers. Terrain placement saw a narrow valley sided by steep cliffs dominate the central map objective, a natural hollowing of the landscape to encourage much bloodshed. 

As the World Eaters forces charged forwards Mr Brownbill’s Zoanthropes (the tyranid psykers) pelted them with mind bullets – after two turns of casting spells almost the entire Chaos force were incapacitated, their minds melted. The remaining berzerkers managed to make it into the valley gap, however, and served as a shield to prevent any of the alien behemoths breaking through and into the Chaos back line! Through the grace of the terrain and chess-clock gods, Mr Ashfield narrowly swung a single point lead in his final turn despite only having killed two of the opposing models… 

A beardy victory if ever there was one!  

Mr Ashfield