Thursday Night Battle Report 10-11-22

Following on from last week’s victory, the Tyranid horde had a foothold outside of the Imperial Guard base where a battalion from the Death Korps of Krieg were garrisoned. Their next move was to expand their territory on this planet and consume more biomass for the Hive whilst the Death Korps attempt to regroup, and hopefully counter-attack. Once again, the Death Korps were commanded by Luka Taylor and the Tyranids were commanded by Joseph Stockley.

In their first turn, the Krieg forces opted to utilise their defensive position well, moving into the fortified trench and choosing to wait for the Tyranids to approach, hoping that their superior firepower would be enough to hold back the swarming masses of aliens. They were bolstered by the arrival of scout walker units, mobile machines carrying heavy weapons capable of traversing the battlefield quickly.

They did not have to wait long, the Tyranid hoard soon came into view with swarms of Hormagants racing over the hilly terrain of the battlefield. These were supported by larger Tyranid warriors, aliens which strike fear into the most battle-hardened guardsmen but the might of the imperial Leman Russ Battle Tank dispatched these foes quickly. In response, the Tyranid Hive Tyrant charged the tank and with its giant scything talons tore through the thick armour of the tank destroying it and its crew.

The Krieg forces fought bravely to the last solider but were once again overcome by seemingly unstoppable Tyranid hive but not before their commander had sent a distress signal pleading for support. As the dust began to settle on the battlefield the dull static of the scout walkers’ radio cleared and a voice was heard – “Death Korps of Krieg, you signal has been received. Assistance is on its way”

Next week a new army enters the fray. Who is this force listening to imperial communication channels? Are they coming to rescue the Death Korps or will they see their demise simply as collateral damage?

If you have any battle-ready Warhammer models and want to take part in Thursday Battle Hour, contact Mr Crabbe, Mr Ashfield or myself.

Mr Brownhill