Thursday Battle Hour

Thursday Battle hour is a new weekly event hosted by the Warhammer Club. It takes place after school on Thursdays and allows pupils to put the skills they learn during the lunchtime club into practise in larger-scale battles.

This week’s battle featured a Tyranid force commanded by Joe Stockley and an Imperial Guard force from the Death Korps of Krieg battalion commanded by Luka Taylor.

The Krieg forces got off to promising start, taking up a strong entrenched position with heavy armour on the flanks. But the Tyranid swarm used an ambush to attack the exposed left flank, quickly destroying the Imperial Walker.

The Krieg forces responded by engaging the Hive Tyrant, leader of the Tyranid swarm with the formidable Leman Russ battle tank and the two units were locked in combat both causing wounds to the other.

This only served as a distraction to the Krieg forces however, and the Tyranid swarm was able to move into charging range and their close combat attack reduced the Krieg numbers bringing the battle to an end with a Tyranid victory.

If you have any battle-ready Warhammer models and want to take part in Thursday battle hour, contact me, Mr Crabbe or Mr Ashfield.

Mr Brownbill