Thursday Battle Hour – Battle Report 17/11/2022

Following last week’s defeat, the Krieg forces are now in full retreat aiming to make it to the safety of a rear fortified position where they can regroup and hopefully strike back at the Tyranid Hive. They have heard a reply to their distress signal but a radiation storm in the space around the planet has made further communications with the mystery respondent difficult. Once again, the Tyranid Hive was commanded by Joe Stockley and the Death Korps of Krieg were commanded by Luka Taylor.

From their advantageous position on high ground, the Krieg forces could see the safety of their fortress, the path was clear. But Krieg look-outs spotted Tyranids trying to set an ambush behind the hilly terrain ahead of them.  They opened fire and scored some early hits, their lasguns thinning the numbers of one of the squads of the smaller Tyranid Hormagaunt creatures, but not successfully destroying the whole squad.

The Tyranid Hive advanced on the trapped Kriegsmen, cutting off their path of retreat and their demise seemed a certainty until a loud shriek was heard across the battle field followed by an almighty boom. Dust and rocks were hurled up into the air and the ground did tremble! The figure of a Space Marine Drop Pod was revealed as the dust cleared and from it emerged a squad of hardened Space Marines of the Emperor’s Tyrants chapter, loyal to the same Imperium as the Kreigsmen.

The Space Marines, commanded by Collum Parker unleashed fire from their boltguns and cut down more of the Tyranid Hormagaunts, but the larger Tyranid Warriors (advancing behind the Hormagaunts) caught the Space Marines off guard, charging them and slaying the whole squad. But this was just the first drop pod.

More drop pods rained down from the spaceship in orbit bringing more mighty Space Marines to the aid of the besieged Kriegsmen. The combined might of the Imperial Walker, Leman Russ tank and the Space Marine Dreadnought were thrown at the Tyranid Hive Tyrant but despite being mortally wounded and close to death, the giant beast battled on. The advance of the Hive, however, was held up and the battle ground to a stalemate.

Next time, with the Space Marines now fully deployed on the planet, can the Tyranid Swarm finally be purged? Will the Kreigsman have to answer to the Space Marines for losing control of this planet to the Xenos?

If you have any battle-ready Warhammer 40K models and want to join the fray, contact either myself, Mr Crabbe or Mr Ashfield.

Mr Brownbill