Thar Noresh (more on that later)

Christmas came early to the LRC this year (is it too early to put up the tree?) when every Year 7 received a free book to take home and keep as part of the Bookbuzz scheme.

Members of 7R thought it was “exhilarating” and “very exciting” to get a book they could keep, for ever, from the library- from titles such as “Bad Panda”, “The Girl in Wooden Armour”, and non-fiction “Factopia” and “Tragedy at Sea – the true story of the sinking of the Titanic”, there was something for everyone.

And we have a new club in the LRC – “learn to speak Elvish” run by Leah Seward.  Lord of the Rings fan or not it is a rather haunting language to hear spoken, more pleasing to the ear than Dothraki or Klingon I would suggest! 

So, Thar Noresh (good day) and season’s greetings; not sure that is translatable in Middle Earth!

Ms Gilbert