Science Club

Science Club 6/7/22 

Our clever young Scientists have been building bridges this week! Not with each other – they are all the best of friends! We set them an engineering challenge they had to design and build a bridge 50cm long, made of sticks and paper only which would allow a car to pass over. As well as this, the cars have been judged on their overall design and we ran a competition to see which bridge would hold the most mass by adding 100g weights on. Congratulations to Famara and Zaria, the clear winners! However, well done to all groups on their creativity and determination; there were a lot of different approaches to meet the problem.  

Mr Ashfield, Ms Ayub, Dr Lane, Dr Glass, and Miss Flett

Science Club 13/7/22

Wednesday was the last meeting of this year’s Science Club. Due to the gorgeous weather we took our experiments outside and made fizzy rockets out of vitamin tablets, water, and old camera-roll holders (hands up those who know what I mean!). The students had a blast and some of them even managed to hit the target we had set up a few feet away. 

We have had another fantastic year at Science Club, meeting a new cohort of enthusiastic Year 7s and getting to see the (mostly) more mature Year 8s taking the weekly challenges to a whole new level of problem solving! A big THANK YOU to our team of tireless technicians: Dr Lane, Dr Glass, and Miss Flett, who have put so much time into preparing, supporting, and then cleaning up from our experiments every week! We are already looking forward to any students that want to return for more next year, and of course the new Year 7s that want to become part of our Wednesday lunchtime community.

Wishing you all a lovely summer holiday.

Mr Ashfield and Ms Ayub