Science Club 18/01/2023 

This week our Science Clubbers have been busy raft building and have put their rafts to the ultimate test! Pupils have carefully selected equipment and designed their rafts; additional challenge was introduced by limiting the number of floating objects for each group to use! We have been blown away by some of their creativity and engineering ideas! Rafts were judged in categories of ‘best design’ and ‘ability to hold the highest mass’. Our sixth former Charlie was in charge of putting the rafts to the test in a water tank, adding masses until each raft capsized or sank! We recorded the results in a giant table and the winners identified. Our winners were the proud creators of ‘The Pineapple Above the Sea’ raft which supported a whopping 800g before sinking to it’s doom. Well done to all that took part!  

Mr Ashfield, Ms Ayub, Dr Lane, Dr Glass and Ms Moussallati