Science Club

This week’s Science Club was very special for two significant reasons… the first was that we had planned to build and fire air-launched rockets (which is always special fun!) and the second was that we were celebrating the 50th birthday of Dr Richard Lane! Dr Lane has been an intrinsic part of Wellington School’s Science Club for many years and it was lovely to be able to surprise him with a huge chocolate cake and a round of Happy Birthday from the clubbers. Every week Wellington students have something new and exciting to experience, and it is mainly through the hard work of Dr Lane and his team of enthusiastic Technicians that the students have such an array of cool chemicals and mind-bending challenges to experiment with. Though huge, the cake really didn’t last very long once the club got their hands on it! 

The club got their things together and trooped away from the usual room – the new high-pressure air launcher is too powerful to use to its full potential so we had to walk to the nearby athletics field under the baking heat. 



























Once at he field, Dr Lane walked the students how the launcher kit worked and demonstrated the simple materials that they could use in building a useable rocket. 

Students chose to either fling themselves down under the nearby shade (conveniently near to where the cake was being cut) or get stuck straight into rocket building. Within minutes the air was thick with flying projectiles – the very best even managing to fly the length of the field and through the bars of the distant metal railings! 

The students had great fun and behaved impeccably on the walk to/from the field so we were able to return to school just in time for the Period 4 bell to ring a close to an unforgettable half-hour. 

Mr Ashfield, Ms Ayub, Dr Glass, Ms Moussallati, and Dr Lane