Science Club

In the final week of the half term we put on one of our all-time favourite Science experiments: making soda snakes! Students made up a base of sand which had sugar (the fuel) and bicarbonate of soda (a source of carbon dioxide) which they then soaked with ethanol and ignited. The results are always worth the wait as blackened tendrils gradually twist and curl out of the gently burning powders. Once the fire had died down everyone enjoyed giving the strange papery substance a good poke to investigate its sensory properties (and also just to make a mess in their tray!).

Well done and thanks to all those students that have come along to make up our club every Wednesday lunchtime and a huge Thank You to our tireless team of talented Technicians who prepare our experiments every week!

Have a good half term’s break everyone.

Mr Ashfield, Miss Ayub, Ms Moussallati, Dr Glass, and Dr Lane