Science Club 06.12.23

Things got a bit fiery this week for our Science Clubbers as we put on our best fire demonstrations. We discussed the fire triangle and the different ways we could carry out combustion reactions and products we would make. We also talked about different ways we could increase the rate of each reaction by showing some spectacular demonstrations by Mr Ashfield, Dr Lane and our keen volunteers from Science Club. We kicked off the show setting fire to some methane bubbles, hydrogen explosive balloons and Dr Lane almost set the roof on fire when burning icing sugar with air blown in! Our students were most excited by the mini fireworks display showing the use of Oxygen in a solution (Hydrogen Peroxide) to increase rate of reaction with the help of a Potassium Permanganate catalyst. We also let our volunteers burn some guncotton wool with oxygen embedded in the fibres as well as our famous ‘Whoosh bottle’ experiment.  

Please note: no pupils were harmed during this show and all left with their hair on! 

Mr Ashfield, Ms Ayub, Dr Lane, Dr Glass, Ms Moussalati