School Council

Mr Holt reports on the latest School Council Meeting:

“It is a sign of the times at Wellington that the attendance at School Council on Tuesday was the lowest it has been in four years. Ordinarily, I would be disappointed in a turnout of ‘only’ 28 students but with Year 11s attending extra revision sessions, Years 7 and 8 taking part in Drama rehearsals and others involved in music and sport, perhaps it is time to reassess the timings of our meetings.

Full minutes of the meeting will be published on the website shortly but suffice to say that suggestions and debate were as forthcoming and passionate as always! It was a pleasure to welcome Mrs Aden, school governor, to the meeting, and special thanks must go to Joseph Lee (Y8) who delivered a presentation on the recent trip to the Trafford Youth Cabinet, and Oliver Donnelly (Y10) who hosted, presented and controlled proceedings admirably!”