Primary School Maths Challenge

Wellington welcomed Year 5 pupils from local primary schools to a Maths Challenge, the evening of Tuesday 10th January. 13 teams from 8 different primary schools competed to be crowned the “Wellington Primary Maths Challenge Champions 2023”. The Year 5 pupils were assigned a (brilliant) Year 12 mentor who assisted them through each round of the challenge. Pupils started by competing in a “Speed Round” where they answered 20 questions under time pressure; this was followed by a “Shuttle Round” where the teams were split into pairs and had to pass answers to each other via their Sixth Former; and the challenge finished with a “Relay Round” where the pairs were seated in different areas of the Vale Hall and they had to run their answers to their partner pair. Whilst the scores were being totalled, pupils then competed to complete the “Padlock Challenge”, where they had the opportunity (through a series of maths challenges) to enter a code into a padlock which opened to a treasure chest of chocolates.

The Year 5 pupils loved competing in the event and the event gave them the opportunity to experience maths at Wellington. 

The podium results were:

1st Heyes Lane Primary School

2nd Stamford Park Primary School

3rd Navigation Primary School

We, as maths teachers, loved welcoming the Year 5 pupils to Wellington and seeing the talent of primary school pupils in the area. We were also really proud of the efforts that Sixth Form volunteers at the event, they were key to the event running successfully!

Miss Thomas