Pi Day

Year 7, 8 and 9 were tasked with finding digits of pi throughout the day that were placed on different teachers across the school, Mr Crabbe getting the prestigious decimal point! 
At lunch time, students came to Room 66 to have an apple pie and make some colourful bracelets that were themed and designed to show the digits of pi. Jasmine Hallett, produced a beautiful cheese and onion pie which she then shared with her friends. During this lunch time we had regular showcases of brilliant Pi reciting. Carys Morrow, Ben Prince and Daksh Balasubramanyam recited more than 20 digits but our winner of this competition was Kimi Chau who recited over 50 digits of pi! 
Finally, after school in Year 11 Maths intervention Hugh Leigh produced some great revision and was rewarded with a pie to take home. 
Thanks to everyone who was involved in the day, a really enjoyable Maths day!
Mr Hodson