New Year 7 2022

Dear Parents and future Year 7s,

Welcome to Wellington!

This part of the website will be full of all the information you need to help you start your Wellington journey with us.  

We cannot WAIT to have you with us!

We have a Welly Transition Instagram page for your parents to follow- we will be posting all sorts of fun things about Wellington life with videos and pictures from the Key Stage 3 team.

Meet the team:

Intake 2022 – Parents’ Meeting on Monday, 4th July 2022 and New Pupil Day on Thursday 7th July 2022

The New Year 7 Parents’ Meeting will take place on Monday 4th July 2022 at 6.30pm. There will be presentations from key members of staff and you will also have the opportunity to meet the staff who will have direct responsibility for your child on arrival at our school.  The school attaches considerable importance to this meeting and we hope that you will make every effort to attend.

This meeting is for parents only as the pupils are being invited to attend our New Pupil Day on Thursday 7th July 2022.  The purpose of this visit is for your child to be introduced to his/her Director of Year, Pastoral Manager and Form Tutor, all of whom will be responsible for him/her in September.

All relevant information including first day procedure will be given to your son/daughter during the course of the day.  Pupils are expected to be dressed in their normal primary school uniform/clothes.

Your son/daughter will be able to purchase a meal in the school dining room for an approximate cost of £3.50, or he/she may bring sandwiches.  If your child is entitled to a free school meal, this will be provided.

Pupils will be expected to make their own way to Wellington School to arrive by 8.30 am, entering via the Wellington Road Reception area where a member of staff will be there to greet them.  The visit is expected to conclude at 2.50 pm.

If you have any queries about starting with us in September please email us on

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