Values & Aims

Values and Aims



  • Create happy and successful young people
  • enable all our students to be the best they can be
  • fulfil the academic potential of ALL our students
  • develop the skills and attributes (character in our students to live and work in tomorrow’s global society
  • install the values and orals to be able to contribute to our community and beyond


  1. Being true to yourself and others
  2. Self-knowledge is essential for growth and change
  3. Accepting responsibly for who you are and what you do


  1. Being the best we can be in all that we do
  2. Holding the highest of standards and expectations
  3. Setting an example to others


  1. Celebrating what we have in common and our differences equally
  2. Providing opportunities that are open to all
  3. Equality is not treating everyone the same 


  1. A sense of belonging and ownership
  2. accepting our duty and responsibility for others
  3. Collaborating to achieve


  1. Hard work and character are essential to success
  2. We should seek to challenge ourselves and take risks
  3. To fail is to learn

Mission Statement

Enabling every member of our community to flourish in an environment where high aspiration is expected and ‘character’ is acknowledged as the foundation of success.