National Poetry Day

Thursday 1st October was National Poetry Day and as is the case with every year, the standard of poetry submissions across Years 7, 8 and 9 has been incredibly high. The theme this year was ‘Vision’ which inspired pupils to consider the concept from a variety of different perspectives. Some pupils wrote about racism, whilst others considered climate change, or gender. Some pupils decided to write from the perspective of someone going to war, or an animal. Such a theme allowed pupils to consider the connotations of the word and to reflect on the world in which we are living. 

Overall, the English Department have been impressed with the quality of poetry produced by pupils this year. I am pleased to announce the top 10 winning poems have been written by the following pupils:

Tom Casey- 9X5, Amy Rameto- 9X3, Chloe Bedicer- 9Y1

Felix Medford- 8S, Adam Greenway- 8R, Jack Henly-Wild- 8S, Martha Adams- 8N

Libby Harry- 7S, Daniel Coyne- 7R, Molly Mattison- 70


Miss Tedford