Maths Problem Solving Day

On Wednesday, eight of our Year 10 Mathematicians attended an outreach interactive problem-solving day at Manchester University.  The day began with a roadshow of puzzles, followed by 2 extended activities.  During the first session, the students were introduced to Maekawa’s theorem and Maomi mapping through the familiar activity of origami; and in the second session, students were finding the weight of a wooden rod by taking moments about a pivot and using mathematical formulae, before checking their answers using a set of weighing scales.  

After lunch, there was an exciting team challenge which included bonus points for the best origami tower.  Then we all relaxed a little and listened to a fascinating talk on the concept of topology which explained why a donut is the same as a mug (topologically speaking!) and how this also links into knot theory.  

A super interesting trip with plenty of new concepts to think about.

Mrs Fairbairn