KS3 Cooking and Nutrition – Chinese New Year

Stir- fry has long been a staple of the Year 7 curriculum as a dish that is very colourful and demonstrates many of the recommendations of the Eatwell Guide. This rotation it has lined up nicely with celebrations for Chinese New Year and a number of Year 7 classes have made their own stir-fries this week. It has been fantastic to see pupils exchanging ingredients or adding different vegetables based on discussions they have had with families about what they already have at home and also which ones the family will enjoy eating. The lessons have been fun and it’s always wonderful to hear the excitement of pupils commenting on how colourful the dish is and the fantastic aroma of the vegetables and garlic.

Year 9 also got to produce a dish influenced by Chinese culture and produced a delicious Chicken Curry with peas. Pupils all worked independently using the instructions displayed on the screens around the classroom. It is certainly satisfying seeing pupils build upon skills developed in Years 7 & 8 displaying a high level of confidence in their practical skills.

Fantastic effort everyone. Well done.

Mrs Ryan