Jodie’s 100km Bike Ride

Good Luck to Jodie Stevenson (9ETS) who is taking part in the Manchester 100km cycle on Sunday 11th September to raise money for  the Alzheimer’s Society. Jodie only turns 14 this week (the minimum age to take part in this event) so this will be a great achievement!

Link below if anyone would like to sponsor Jodie for this great charity.,1,Jw2h01blRhaULXb0n0ouYL4-IHC4dTw8Dx_EnzKpyzTAxHWDCuWMXUPUB1pzeyo4kbZFwTFTxfSjo3skxcLOn9hxtU2gz7R_Aa4aCm93oglD3BcYGdOMJYswtqiO&typo=1