Half-Term Heroes

Our final roll-call of English Half-term Heroes is in! Drum roll please…

The English Department would like to celebrate the following stellar students who have finished the 2022-2023 academic year in style!

Kudos goes to:

  • Thea Jeffries (nominated by Miss Hitchens)
  • Penny Coombs (nominated by Ms Spencer-Cruise)
  • Max Turnbull-Mills (nominated by Mrs McDonnell)
  • Jack Goodman (nominated by Mrs Jordan)
  • Ava Kavanagh (nominated by Miss F Spencer)
  • Jess Kirkup (nominated by Mr Williams)
  • Abbas Chaudary (nominated by Miss McCann)
  • Dekota Taylor (nominated by Mrs Collinge)

Bravo to these students, and to all of our students who have impressed us this year!

Ms C Spencer Cruise