Guardianship Project

Over the past fortnight, 12 Year 12 pupils have been presenting their learning of three Holocaust survivors to Year 9 pupils. We’re very lucky to work closely with the Jewish Fed and, as a result of this, this small group of 6th form pupils were selected to become Guardians of the stories of 3 remarkable women: Anne Super, Marianne Phillips and Gisela Feldman. This means that our pupils have learned with and from these survivors, with the intention being to continue sharing these stories in the future. The Year 12s organised some really interesting presentations and did all three survivors proud with how they explained their hardships and experiences. Year 9s were genuinely interested in learning more and had many questions about how they might become Guardians of Survivor’s stories in the future. When we asked Anne Super how she would like us to retell her story she said “It is your job. Tell everyone, I don’t care who, this happened to me, and others so don’t forget it! You are the ones who need to know. My time on earth is nearly finished and the next generation has to follow the stories and tell them.” I’d like to think the Year 12s have gone a long way to doing this.

Mr Gerschler