Grow Your Own Club

Wellington’s Grow Your Own Club have made an excellent start to the term, taking care of the Science department plants and making our first lasagne plant pots.

Yes, you read correctly and no, we haven’t slipped into food tech! Lasagne planting is a clever way of planting bulbs in pots in layers to create a nice full display of flowers that lasts for months.  The bulbs are layered in the same way you would add layers of pasta to an actual lasagne, hence the name. As one variety of plant fades back, another variety is ready to pop up in their place!









We have planted Narcissus, Iris, Tulip and Allium bulbs (amongst others) then topped our lasagne pots with winter flowering Violas. These pots will be placed at the front of the school to give our reception area a pop of colour throughout the cold and grey winter months.

Dr Glass