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Wellington School’s Governing Body

Governors of Wellington are fully involved in the life of the School. They offer a wide variety of expertise which cover all aspects of the business world and the delivery of the curriculum. As a result, support can be assured for all staff in their work to create an excellent learning environment for the pupils. Wellington School is an Academy and therefore a registered business. In this context Governor expertise in the business world is invaluable.

The Governing Body comprises of leaders in business, accountants and parents. 

Governors meet regularly as a full board, but also in committees to determine policy in personnel matters, curriculum, community and the environment and finance. In addition to supporting the initiatives of the School, Governors also question and hold to account the School Leadership. The undoubted success of Wellington School results directly from Governors determining the strategic direction of the School, with Leadership delivering the aims and objectives of the highest standard.

Parent Governors are recruited via ballot of the parent body, but others are appointed by the Governing Body. Local business people or professionals who have a strong interest in education and Wellington School in particular, should write to the Chair of Governors at School if they feel they can contribute to the further success of Wellington.

The Governing Body

Chair of Governors – Mrs Julie Lawson email:
Clerk to Governors – Mrs Caroline Wood email:
 NameRoles and ResponsibilitiesDate
Appointed byCurrent term of office startsCurrent term of office endsMeetings attended in the last academic year 2020/2021
Mrs Louise BangeeTeaching and Learning Link Governor/12/06/2018GB Board / Academy Members12/06/2018
14/06/20266 out of 6
Mr Stuart BeeleyHeadteacher 01/09/2012Ex-officio as Headteacher--6 out of 6
Mr Gareth ClementsCommunity Link Governor14/08/2019GB Board14/08/201913/08/20236 out of 6
Mrs Alison Christopher
Term of Office ended 11/11/2021
Governor27/01/2017Academy Members27/01/2017 Re-appointed 13/01/202111/11/20215 out of 6
Mr Matthew Colledge
Term of Office ended 02/03/2022
Governor01/01/2011Academy Members08/10/201802/03/20226 out of 6
Mr Richard Fleetwood
Term of Office ended 11/11/2021
Chair of Data Committee27/01/2017
Academy Members27/01/2017
Reappointed 27/01/2021
11/11/20215 out of 6
Dr Charles MirandaVice-Chair of Governors

Health and Safety Link Governor
18/01/2021Academy Members18/01/202117/01/20255 out of 5
Ms Julie Lawson
Chair of Governors 01/09/2021 Academy Members 01/09/202131/08/2025N/A
Mr Karl MyersStrategy and Development Lead Governor12/06/2018Academy Members12/06/2018
14/06/20266 out of 6
Mr William RileyStaff Governor04/03/2019Elected by School Staff04/03/201903/03/20236 out of 6
Mrs Louise SpeedSEND Link Governor
Headteacher’s Performance Management
12/06/2018Academy Members12/06/2018
14/06/20266 out of 6
Mr Christie SpurlingSafeguarding Link Governor 23/09/2020Academy Members23/09/202022/09/20246 out of 6
Ms Alison Wright Governor 01/09/2021 Academy Members 01/09/2021 31/08/2025 N/A
Mr Jarrod SykesCommunity Link Governor14/08/2019GB Board14/08/201913/08/20236 out of 6
NameMembersAcademy MembersTerm of Office Start DateTerm of Office Finish Date
Ms Julie Lawson Member 11/11/2021 GB Board/ Academy Members 11/11/2021 Present
Mr David LindopMember07/03/2018Present
Mr Simon CarterMember01/09/2018Present
Mrs Jenny WilksMember10/09/2019 Present
Mrs Anne McNaughtMember07/12/2020Present
Mrs Alison ChristopherMember17/11/2017 Re-appointed 13/01/202111/11/2021


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