Geography Visit to Broomwood Primary School

On Thursday, Miss Baker and I visited the Broomwood Primary to teach about the different types of volcanoes to Years 3 and 4. The students learnt first of all about the different types of material released during an eruption before making models of composite and shield volcanoes using play doh. The students needed to use the resources provided to decide which labels to add to their volcano. We then discussed the idea of viscosity and how it affects the shape of the volcano. 

The students were brilliant. Their knowledge of geographical key words was impressive. They behaved so well and thoroughly engaged with the activities. 

A big thank you also needs to go to the Year 3 and 4 team at the Broomwood. They helped us enormously to prepare the variety of resources for the day, including one large batch of homemade play doh!  

From the Year 3 and 4 team at the Broomwood Primary:

Thanks so much to both of you for a fantastic afternoon! The children had a great time and the teachers did too! We loved how they got to show off their knowledge to you and learn lots of new things too. 

Quote from a child in Year 4: It was really great because we got to use the playdoh and build types of volcanoes. We learned new things about volcanoes which I didn’t know and loved doing Year 8 work! 

Miss Hennessey